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Dr's won't listen to me!!!

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My doctors always pushes me to one side and puts it down to anxiety I'm absolutely 100% convinced I have cc I know it's a string statement to make yes I do have health anxiety but you know your own body and I have every single symptom you can possibly get I've gone absolutely insane with this I just feel like giving up they don't believe me at all they won't listen all they are doing is doing a ultrasound which 95% of the time does not see cc, I'm so frustrated scared and basically tired 😭😭😭😭😭

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Yes it’s horrible believing you have cc. Your right about ultra sound because my oncologist gynecologist is refusing to do one because she said it won’t give much clarity. We both have appointment on same day 27th. Let me know what they say . I’ll let you know my mri results too.There are other things that cause pink discharge but your gp should of already done swabs to check for infection etc. I think lots of women find there selves in these forums because weath benign disease or malignant these I so hard and take time to diagnose as I’m finding out. My max has grown from the size of too peas to a huge irregular mass probably 1 1/2 in diameter in just a few months so I’m hopeful they we be able to tell what it is on next mri. Regardless I’ve already been told hysterectomy is probably what I’m going to have which I am terrified of as I am 36 yrs old. I do hope you get to have a colposcopy and biopsy with gynecologist because that’s the first step in determining if there is any abnormal cells.

Hi there, Thank you for your message. We're really sorry to hear that you're feeling worried about cervical cancer. Ok, so if you have had an abnormal cervical screening (smear) test result, you will be referred for a colposcopy. If you are concerned about cervical cancer because of symptoms you are experiencing, e.g. bleeding after sex (which whilst a symptom of cervical cancer is much more likely to NOT be cervical cancer), then you need first of all to speak to your GP, who will likely want to examine you/look at your cervix. They are then the ones who refer you for a colposcopy, which is the procedure to look at the cervix more closely. At a colposcopy, if there is a suspected cancer or abnormal cells, a biopsy is taken and then we go from there in terms of diagnosing or ruling out cervical cancer from the biopsy results. To sum up - if you have potential cervical cancer symptoms, your GP needs to refer you for a colposcopy.

We're on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk if you have any other questions.

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They won't smear me I'm too young had my cervix looked at they said everything looked okay ita abnormal bleeding am getting I have had my hpv and also no history of cancer on either side of the family that's the only hope I'm latching on too xx

Hi good luck with your ultrasound today hope all is good news. They should tell u there and then where they see any issues .

Awh thank you for remembering ❤️ and I hope so they can't tell me they can't say anything because that's there job to see what's going on I will full on refuse to leave if not xxx

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Turns out it's pcos 😭

Oh just seen this. That can’t be nice for you . But at least I know. It’s not cancer so am very pleased for you .

Hi how did ur appointment go hope you got answeres. Well I had my mri yesterday so I hope to get answers early next week fingers crossed.

I hope you get positive news because after the scare I've just had never gonna take life for granted again, and it was the scan which was my appointment he literally put it on my belly and within 10 secs he was like definitely pcos kinda gutted because I want more children so I'm a tad upset but they say it's not impossible so here's to that, and how was ur mri was it okay for you xxx

Hi Mri was fine only had it yesterday so should have the oncologist call me next week with the outcome. Hopefully this time they we be more clear and hopefully get a diagnosis. Either way I just want to know what it is. Real sad this will effect u having further children but hopefully you still will be able to . I will let you know anyway what my results are next week. Good luck in moving on and at least you have and answer and can now mentally deal with it thx best you can.

Yeah when people say you have a weight on your shoulders they don't lie when he told me that omg my heart felt relaxed it was the strangest thing ever it scared me so much and I'm hoping all the best for you keep me updated I'm always here to talk my love I have everything crossed for you. X