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Worried about cervical cancer, help please?

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Worried about cervical cancer, help please?

For the past few months I've been getting alot of constipation and frequent urination, plus I've been having a lot of irregular menstrual bleeding, to the point of having 2 periods in a month. And I've been getting aches and pains in my lower back, hip and pelvic area as well as fatigue I'm on the contraceptive implamt so I could possibly explain the irregular bleeding but I'm not sure. Is there anyone who has experience with cervical cancer and could either put my mind at ease or tell me if its anything to worry about? Thanks in advance

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I wonder if it’s endometriosis?

Really? Do these symptoms sound more like endometriosis then? Thanks for the quick response BTW

Lots of them sound like it and it is very common - I have it mildly but my sister in law has it badly and lots of these sound similar x

When was your last smear and was it all ok?

I've not been for my smear yet, I have to book it, but I'm terrified:(

Wow, I never really thought of this, but now you mention it, it sounds very possible! Can I ask what your present symptoms are please, thank you x

Right first thing tomorrow get that booked- it’s so important to have them and they detect any abnormal cell changes before they become a problem and when they are still perfectly fixable.

Don’t be scared smear tests are fine! It’s just like a little tiny scratch inside! Not painful at all. Just tell the nurse you’re nervous - they literally do it all the time.

I had fertility issues so had an investigative laparoscopy and they found it then - my ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall with endo, and I had it mildly all over the place so they lasered it all off while in there doing the laparoscopy (which was absolutely fine).

I didn’t have much symptoms cause it was only mild but I do remember lower back pain probably cause my ovary was stuck.

My sis in law has lots of the symptoms you mention tho so I think she must have it worse (but don’t let that panic you - it’s not the end of the world there’s things they can do to fix it if it is that!!

The main thing is finding out what it is so go to the doctor xx

I'll definitely get that booked in ASAP! I fell pregnant when I was 15, im 25 now... can you suddenly develop endometriosis? And I haven't tried to conceive so I'm not sure if I have fertility issues. I'm just so scared thst I have cervical cancer, its unreal :( x

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Perido in reply to Sloughbird95

My cervical cancer symptoms started with a yellow watery discharge followed by heavy bleeding - definitely abnormal as I was post-menopausal.

Your symptoms could be due to any number of things. Best to get an appointment with your GP for a comprehensive assessment.

And as BeanyBeanz says, get your smear test booked - preferably tomorrow if possible - you may be able to do it today if your surgery has an on-line booking system.

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Sloughbird95 in reply to Perido

Wow, I had yellow watery discharge!!! Not a lot but enough for little spots to be on tissue. I'm absolutely terrified, all of my symptoms are matching :(

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Perido in reply to Sloughbird95

My watery discharge was persistent, quite heavy and happened every day. Again there can be a number of reasons for this type of symptom e.g. infection which can be easily sorted with antibiotics . Statistically you are very unlikely to have cervical cancer. Please get an appointment with your GP - trying to self diagnose without professional support can lead to a lot of anxiety.

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Sloughbird95 in reply to Perido

So what other symptoms did you have? Sorry for asking if it takes you back to a time you'd rather not think about. I'm aware it's unlikely, but thats the last thing, my brain tells me :(

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Perido in reply to Sloughbird95

My only other symptom was quite heavy bleeding which was definitely abnormal because I was post-menopausal. Abnormal bleeding can be due to a number of things e.g. fibroids.

Sadly, I didn't keep up to date with my smear tests. I do a lot of awareness raising now of how important they are - they prevent many thousands of women getting cervical cancer.

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Sloughbird95 in reply to Perido

Oh, im sorry you had to go through that, must've been terrifying! My bleeding hasn't been too heavy tbh, I've just had 3 periods in one month. how many pads would you soak a day? After hearing that yellow watery discharge is a symptom, which I had a bit of.. I called 111 and the clinician called me back, I told her my symptoms and told her about my implant, and she said that it sounds nothing like cervical cancer, and more of an infection or my implant playing up! Which is a COMPLETE relief.

I'm definitely getting my smear test booked in ASAP x

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Perido in reply to Sloughbird95

Getting a cancer diagnosis was terrifying - a lot of it is fear of the unknown.

When I say my bleeding was quite heavy I mean it wasn't just spotting - it was like having a period only very irregular.

Sorry if telling you my cancer symptoms scared you but I'm pleased you managed to get some reassuring support from 111. And good to hear you are getting your smear booked ASAP.

Take care x

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Sloughbird95 in reply to Perido

I bet, I can't imagine the impending doom a cancer suffering experiences every day :( thats why the bleeding worried me, because I'm the same, its like I'm having periods every week... so im still mot 100% sure :( Its scared me, but I suppose thats a good thing cause then I can take action amd not ignore things.

Thank your for your replies and advice,

All the best for the future

Jasmine :) x

Have you booked your smear test today?? If not do it tomorrow - I’ll keep pestering until you do!!


No seriously - do it


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Perido in reply to Beanybeanz

That's so caring, Beanybeanz - wish I'd had someone pestering me 10 years ago. Ironically I remember complaining to a colleague that I was annoyed by all the reminder letters from my GP about my smear test. I think my colleague wasn't sure what to say so the moment passed. A lot of women have said to me that it was friend or a relation that got them to go for a smear. Unfortunately not everyone gets such support, or understands why regular smears are important, hence I continue to try and get the message out via my -'out on the streets awareness raising' or on social media such as this forum.

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Beanybeanz in reply to Perido

I’m 35 so very much of the ‘Jade Goody effect’ era (and was obsessed with big brother when I was younger!). I’ve also had IVF so know full well that someone popping a little stick up your foof for five seconds is nothing to be worried about - especially as the alternative is cancer! I’m quite blunt with my friends and try to strip it all back to what’s important!! 😊 xx

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Perido in reply to Beanybeanz

I'm in my mid sixties and was very good at getting my smear tests when I was younger. Then, age 50y, menopause came along and my smear tests started to get painful; it was a mixture of fear and complacency (I'd always had normal smear test results) that led me to stop getting checked. It's only recently I've understood that topical oestrogen cream can help facilitate the smear test for menopausal women. Just wanted tell this part of my story as there is a tendency for women age 50y+ to avoid smear tests - be sure not to go down that road. Keep up the good work 👍x

I had a call from the doctor and she's booked me into radiology and ill get the appointment letter in the post. Hearing I have to go to radiology has scared me even more, cause there must be a reason for concern for them to do that? :(

My daughter had a radiology appointment due to frequent urination, and all it determined was that her intestines were backed up which was putting pressure on her bladder causing the frequent urination. She was ordered to do a bowel cleanse using Miralax and she has been better. Try not to be too afraid.

I tried yesterday to book a smear, but I was too late in the day, so made sure I was awake at sunrise to make an appointment, im due a call back just after 2pm so hopefully my smear and a check up will be booked today, thank you for pestering me haha, its just what I need, cause I'm a big procrastinator, ill keep you posted xx

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Sloughbird95 in reply to Perido

Perido what colour was your discharge with cervical cancer? I've been getting abit of paile yellow grayish discharge? Its really worrying me :( x

Hi there,

Thank you for your message. We're really sorry to hear you're having these concerns at the moment.

Your symptoms don't sound typical of cervical cancer, but please do book in to speak to/see your GP and go through all of your symptoms and history/timeline with them. They (your GP) will be the ones to make a referral to the relevant hospital department, e.g. gynaecology, if needed.

Looking at some of the comments already in reply to you - yes we absolutely agree that staying up to date with your cervical screening (smear) tests is really important, but just want to point out that having a cervical screening test isn't the right step to explore/investigate the symptoms you're experiencing. Cervical screening is a screening test to check for high-risk HPV and abnormal cells and isn't used as a diagnostic/investigative test if that makes sense.

If someone has potential cancer symptoms, they don't need a cervical screening test, they need a referral from their GP to gynae team at the hospital.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

Thank you for your reply, im currently waiting for a referral later to radiology, I've has some new symptoms that I'm worried about, I can't speak to no one apart from my gp and can only get hold of them around 8.30, im currently getting quite a bit of discharge, its white and thick, it smells slightly but not really bad... I've heard that thick smelly discharge is a symptom :(

I'm going through the same thing I have an ultrasound booked for 27th and every symptom I have points to it I'm absolutely shitting myself mind my language hope everything turned out okay with you x

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you're worrying about your health. What symptoms do you have? If you don't mind me asking. I've had no answers at all! I hope you've had a positive outcome. X

Hello, I just wondered what the outcome was for you? I’m having a similar experience. But I have had a normal smear 8 months ago. I hope you’re outcome was positive 😊

You sound the same as me babe all the things u have just said I get I've just jad my very first smear pap test and I'm absolutely crapping my pants but the irregular bleeding with me was die to pcos I had a scan everything was fine but maybe look into pcos🥰

Yes, pcos keeps popping up as a possibility but I've never been tested. I worried myself for months thinking that I had cancer and it's a terrible feeling. Hope you're feeling better soon.

I did the same thing it's a nightmare I know and get a pelvic scan booked hun and thankyou xxx