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Concerns re hard painful vulva lump

Hi all, newbie here with some concerns...about 10 weeks ago I noticed a hard lump on my vulva. I left it for a few weeks hoping it would go away but when it didn't I went to the doctor and was told it was possibly a bartholin cyst that had become infected and was given course of antibiotics. 3 weeks after that the hard lump was still there and skin had become bruised like. The lump itself is quite nodular and has become very tender and painful. I went back to docs and prescribed another course of antibiotics. Fast forward another 3 weeks and lump is still there, still nodular, still painful and still slightly darker skin colour. I don't know what to do as doctor won't refer me, partly because thinks it's nothing to worry about and partly because of covid-19. What do I do? Its worrying me so much. Some info on my health, I'm in my late 40's, had total hysterectomy at 36 due to fibroids and recurrent stage 4 endometriosis and I had pre cancerous cells of the cervix in my late 20's.

Thanks in advance all.

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I would get a second opinion.

You need to get referred and a biopsy or the lump removed.

Many are cysts but until lump removed they not 100% sure .

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Thanks clareB43, the issue I'm having is actually getting that referral. I was on to the docs again yesterday and am expecting a call back later today but at moment it just seems like they insisting that it's a cyst and don't seem to want to refer me.

All guidelines I've checked would indicate that because I'm over 40 and have this lump that antibiotics have had no effect on, I should be referred.

Just feel like I'm going round in circles. I expect that covid-19 is having an impact which is no ones fault but is frustrating when you have a medical issue that needs addressing sooner rather than later.

What will be will be I guess. Just got to keep pushing for that referral.

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Yes demand a referral as it is your right.

It probably is a cyst but you need to be sure. I have known a few get told it’s a cyst and will remove it anyway if they want and then get told after it was cancerous so yes please push for referral.

Contact the eve appeal to help

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Thank you for your reply. I will do that. Nice to know someone is listening 😊

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Your welcome.

Message me anytime .

Hi there,

Thank you for your question. Infected bartholins cysts can be really painful, poor you! Sometimes it can take a few courses of antibiotics to sort it out.

Can we encourage you to ask your doctor to see you again and examine you again so they can see the changes, and then they can call the specialist to see if you need referral .

Your previous gynae history is useful, but it doesn’t influence this episode .

If you want to talk through what to say/ask your GP about, please send us your phone number via with reference to this HealthUnlocked message and we will give you a call.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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Thank you. Doctors have just called and prescribed a different course of antibiotics. They've also put a referral through but not as urgent so who knows when I'll get seen. Will just have to wait and see if these antibiotics do anything I guess.

10 weeks is just a long time to have this but hey ho.

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Hi, how did you get on ?

I would push for a referral,it may be nothing sinister but until you see a gynaecologist and have a biopsy you won’t know.I had a bartholins cyst,had it removed and biopsies in 2013.The cyst itself was benign but Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the skin underneath.

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Thanks Julia, as per note above they saying they've referred me now but that could take forever I guess under current situation. Will just have to wait and if any more changes occur then it's back to docs I guess. I get my private medical insurance through work in June so if I still havent been seen by then then I guess I could always use that? It's just a waiting game now I guess with some added worry!

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Sorry Coco I didn’t see the other post about being referred.

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Not your fault lovely, I posted that after your message :)

Hey, an on the 4th May I phoned my gp as I was in agony. I couldn't walk or sit and was starting to feel unwell. Ended up having a video call (yes it was weird) and was told I needed to see gynaey asap. 20 mins later I get a call back with an appointment at the hospital that day! Go to the appointment see a doctor & then a surgeon, told I'm not going home that day and going on emergency surgery list! Within the space of 4.5hrs I'm tested for mrsa, covid, had blood sample taken, hooked up to an IV, gowned and wheeled down to the OR. An hour later I'm waking up in the OR (recovery area not in operation). Once I'm awake and coherent I'm wheeled off to a room to sleep and rest with hourly blood pressure checks all night!! Glad to go home next day! My 'cyst' had become infected and was about 10cm long. In fact it was an abscess. I had marzupulisation. All is good now and feels great to be lump and pain free. Was discharged with no follow up needed however, my gp surgery has been in touch and I have been given an appointment to speak with my doctor next week. The receptionist couldn't tell me why except that it's to do with my recent visit to gynaey. As you can imagine I'm now worrying all over again...roll on Weds!!!

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Hi, I know this was six months ago but I’m now intrigued what the doctor said at your appointment! X

Hi garfield here. Iv only just seen this i agree you need a second opinion i would also change docs. Hopefully a cysts but please dont be fobbed off the anti biotics havent helped so different input required and i would say a biopsy to check it out. I hope you have had some help with this worry . Take care Hidden 🙂 chat any time i will check emails freqently. Sending a hug