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Vitamin B12 deficiency causes problems ranging from neuropathy to dementia

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Vitamin B12 deficiency is found to cause neurological and psychiatric problems in adults between 40–90 years of age. It rarely affects people younger than this. The neurological manifestations include myelopathy (disease of the spinal cord), neuropathy (disease of the nerves), sensory disturbances, gait abnormalities, and weakness, while the psychiatric problems range from cognitive and behavioral disturbances to dementia.

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I've been having B12 injections for years every 3 months . I'm short of folic acid and now iron . I've had a lot of problems with lack of sleep taking Amitriptyline now but started with real bad shoulder pain a lot of years ago had injections as could hardly move my arm then the other shoulder . Now I have a lot of odd sensations and burning pain . Neurologist has just said restless legs and carpal tunnel but I literally get this all over my body .

Hi, I have similar (plus lots of other issues) I have been having the B12 every month and folic acid. The steroid injections have been helping in the past, but this time no relief from pain, actually got even more pain as time going on. I also take Amitrip but still poor amount and quality sleep. Again, like you widespread pain. I get lot of pain at site of main tendons on legs/arms, with no relief with medication. My daughter bought me a massarger (?spelling) it has like 3 metal balls that roll over area, with varying degrees of pressure, which I've found some minor relief with, even if momentarily. Everyday is different, so i just do what I can, day by day...things will wait! I'm currently having a bad pain day, so laid up on sofa, with only some guilt that house needs hoovering and pots aren't washed. Take care of yourself and do what you can, when you can.

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One thing you can try on the different areas of pain caused from multiple causes is magnesium chloride oil or just mag oil. It has anti inflammatory qualities and muscle relaxing qualities and in some people can offer relief from nerve pain. It is fairly inexpensive so you don't have to break the bank just to find out if it works for you. Here is a link to a fairly inexpensive one that you can order from Amazon. Just spray the painful area and rub it in. It also absorbs through the skin and contributes to your total magnesium intake and magnesium is good for PWPs. Works in about 5 minutes and also is helpful for muscle cramps which many PWPs get. :

If it works for you, you can then just order the dry flakes and make your own very inexpensively to refill the commercial spray bottle when it get used up.


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