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Has anyone tried Lion’s Mane for memory, alertness and improved cognitive function?

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My aunt who has lung cancer, memory loss and COPD was told she had 6 months to live. It is now 8 months later and since taking a tsp of Lions Mane Extract in her coffee for about 3 months her cognitive function has improved, she no longer forgets names, or people, and the cancer is not spreading as aggressively as before. After reading about Lions Mane seeing the change in my aunts brain function, I-would be willing to try it since she has had remarkable results and studies mention the mushroom has proved effective in mice for Alzheimer’s and PD. I’m curious to know if others with PD have tried this all natural extract.

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I would be very interested in knowing the dose that your aunt is using as it generally takes grams / day for a positive effect from the full spectrum powder or capsules.


Yes, this has proven helpful to PD patients. My husband has been on it for a little while (maybe a couple of months?) but this week doc changed the brand and the dose needs to be increased. You cant just get any old brand, as I understand it. Would be glad to keep in touch about it.

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What brand and dose recommendation please?

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He took two bottles worth of Pure Nootropics (500 mg / cap). Doc recently switched it to Mushroom Wisdom, Super Lion's Mane (1,100 mg/4 tabs). Later!

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Thank you so much...does that mean 1100mg/4 tabs per day?

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There are 1100 mg in 4 tabs of that brand. Still waiting to see the doc about what is recommended for his actual dose. She was out of town when it came in. At my suggestion he increased it a few days ago to 6 or 8 tabs per day and has been having less trembling. !?! Will keep in touch. There is one study where patients took 5 grams per day, with no side affects, as I understand it.

I take a tspn a day. Big improvement

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Just ordered some Lions Mane M-o-ggy. Can you tell me what kind of improvement you have noticed since taking a tspn a day and what brand you use please?


What brand and dose please?

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1 heaped Tspn a day Indigo nutrition of Glastonbury Lions Mane Mushroom Powder in a Lavender and Maroon pouch

TerraSoul Organic: amazon.com/Terrasoul-Superf...

I use Lion's Mane from ommushrooms.com. Here's a link to an article supporting mushrooms in general as a source of ergothioneine & glutathione:


"Mushrooms are considered the highest food source of ergothioneine and contain abundant amounts of glutathione. High levels of ergothioneine have been found in people with the lowest incidence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases."

I've been regularly eating whole mushrooms for over a year. I've had a good year, and they have probably been a big part of it. I do encourage everyone to use actual whole foods as medicine, rather than rely on extracts etc which might not contain the full spectrum of phytonutrients. If you want to understand how they work their magic, here's another very good article about mushrooms in general and how they boost immunity while reducing overall inflammation (2 very good things): nutritionfacts.org/2013/12/...

I take Om as well and can definitely tell a difference. I just take the recommended dose one scoop a day which is 2 g.

Hi. This is an older thread but I was hoping to get some clarity. I had my aunt taking amyloban 3399, which I guess is an extracted part from the lions mane mushroom, for her schizophrenia. She also has COPD and I never even thought to check with a doctor. She passed away a couple days ago and my cousin asked me about these supplements and I started wondering if this could’ve affected her breathing. I haven’t been able to find much except that it could trigger people with asthma.

Did your aunts doctor clear it? And did she seem to have any issues with her breathing outside the norm while taking it?


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