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Is this leg pain parkinson's? Or something else!

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two days ago my legs began to hurt and ache right out of the blue. no incident, just pain. It is primarily the front of each thigh. one day both legs (thigh) hurt. the other day, just one leg. I have been crying out in terrible pain these last 4 days. I don't know if this is parkinson related orsomething else so I don't know what breed of dr. to see. My medication is sinemet. could this be side effect? or I' m not taking enough sinemet after 2 years...please someone any ideas or help? I am sinking fast and my husband cannot handle the crying as he feels so bad for me...

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I had screaming pain in my leg. See Orthopedic Pain Manager. Had epidural steroid injection in my back in March 2017.... Pain free from day one to now 18 or so months. See my profile.

Does it feel like a cramp? You can get dystonia in the thigh muscle which the one tme I had it was excrutiatingly painful. I got it before I started l dopa, but not since.

If this is what it is the complication is that dystonia can be due to lack of L dopa or brought on by l dopa. Documenting when the pain happens and when you take meds is helpful.

As PD affects so many systems in the body I always go to the neuro first.

I really feel for you.

Hello , I have had the same problem now for months . The pain is unbearable at times . I asked my neurologist about it and he seems to think it might be a side effect of the sinemet . I was taking it 4 times a day and cut it back to 3 times and I am happy to say the leg pain is not so bad . It’s been 2 months and I feel better. One day at a time . Good luck

Why don’t doctors want to help these days? I’ve had unbearable leg pain at night for a few weeks. God bless you and I hope you get it sorted, and the same to all you other sufferers out there😊

Hi. A few years ago, I had really bad pain in my thighs & it went into my groin area & my friend told me to try Emergen C. I took it for about 3 weeks & the pain went away. One evening I got out of my chair & started marching around the house. My husband asked what I was doing & I said, no pain! I still take Emergen C everyday & the pain has not come back. Some on this site have tried it & it worked for them also, a few it didn't, so it's worth a try. It has 1,000 mgs of vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, & electrolytes.

I've had leg pain on one side for 4 yrs. First diagnosed as Restless Legs Syndrom - took Gabapentin and had an Iron infusion --no relief. Then it was diagnosed as Syatica - had Cortisone injection -- no relief. Now Dr. thinks it is Dystonia. I noticed lately if I'm late on taking my Sinemet it starts to ache and then when I take it the pain will ease up for a while. I have read that dystonia can be treated with Botox. Hope that helps. After years of suffering this pain and other symptoms, I am pursuing DBS. Good luck with finding a treatment.

I used to have the leg pain, now I have the pain in my upper arms and shoulders. It starts in as soon as my meds are wearing off and lets me know it's time to take them if I had forgotten. I am still taking sinemet.

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I have the same. My upper arms start to ache which affects my fine motor skills. Also my teeth and jaws ache. It reminds me its time for more madapor.

I bet you all have Tension Myositis syndrome. Look it up. The cure requires no drugs and no doctors. Believe me.

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I don’t think writing an essay is going to help! The pain comes when the meds wear off. It’s not all in my head!!

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if you dont "think" it will help then it surely wont help. Im only encouraging we explore this idea because its really working well for me. My pain is, if I may quantify it, 85% gone. And as a bonus effect, it took away the fear based symptoms of PD for me as well, including anxiety related symptoms, depression, apathy, tremor, handwriting improvement, fatigue, brain fog and sexual symptoms.

Hi! Sending you a hug. Hang in there! Check out especially what Healthseeker says in another discussion on this site. Her husband was in agony with leg pain and they were able to fix it:

Here is another article about Parkinson's leg pain:

Best to you,


I have also experienced very bad leg pain in the front of my thighs and groin. The docs act baffled and like they have never heard of it before. The B1 protocol has really helped me with this symptom. I take 2000 mg divided in two doses, a.m. and early afternoon. It took about 3 months to get almost total relief of this symptom.

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