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Counteracting PD tremor

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Tremor at bedtime, when the Sinemet wears off, has become a significant problem for me in recent weeks. Not only does it keep me awake for hours at a time but it disrupts my wifes' sleep and she is my main carer. My Parkinson's nurse has suggested I try Procyclidine to counteract the tremor. Does anyone on this site have experience of this edicine? TIA


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Are using immediate release or controlled release Sinemet? If you are using the immediate release version you should try the controlled-release instead.

I take 3 CR sinemet during the day and I take half of a CR sinemet before going to bed at night. It calms my Tremor and I am able to sleep. I don't know your dosage of sinemet and I don't know anything about the drug that you are asking about. I would just say which one has less side effects.

myBeloved gets tremor when he's stressed, which prompts me to ask how you feel on going to bed. He relaxes with music, light foot/hand massage, and chat. He isn't tremor dominant - are you aware what's set it off these last few weeks? All kinds of things can set us off, I think.

The Extended or Conrolled Release version of Sinemet may help.

A few stretches, yoga if possible, soft music, see doctor about controlled release version of Sinemet, avoid heavy foods too close to bedtime, deep breathing, no television/phone/computer for at least an hour before lights out.

There seems to be some good advice in the replies above and I hope you are able to gain the help you require.

I think there is sage advice in the responses to my query about tremor. I will ponder and discuss with my PD Nurse. Many thanks to you all


I developed the same problem, and my doctor recommended that I take another Sinemet CR (controlled release) before going to bed. It does help. I also take a magnesium tablet before going to bed, to help with leg cramping. The controlled release version is much better than other forms of Sinemet. I still take my mega-B tablet at night as well, before going to bed. My doctor told me that the controlled release Sinemet should not be a problem with B vitamins absorption.

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