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Leg bones

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My father has pd for 20 years. He started losing balance a year ago and is now chair bound. His left side is more affected. He cant stand on left feet.

He walks on his left toes. He cant put his entire leg on the floor. He also cant sit straight in a sofa once he crouches which means he also has a lower back problem.

We tried many supplenents but to no avail. He still take some supplement along with his levodopa through the pump duodopa.

Is there anything i can do about his left leg ? Should i show him to a bone specialist ?

Thanks for your help

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Did you try B1? I think it's worth a shot 💉

Hi zanzir. It is hard to respond to your question without seeing your father.

Loss of balance could be loss of muscle tone, which causes inability to control posture. It could also mean a problem in the brain.

If you look at my website - reverseparkinsons.net and make contact with me, I am sure I can help you.

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