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Dietary Factors in the Etiology of Parkinson’s Disease

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“Here, we critically review findings on association between dietary factors, including vitamins, flavonoids, calorie intake, caffeine, alcohol, and metals consumed via food and fatty acids and PD. We have also discussed key data on heterocyclic amines that are produced in high-temperature cooked meat, which is a new emerging field in the assessment of dietary factors in neurological diseases. While more research is clearly needed, significant evidence exists that specific dietary factors can modify PD risk.”

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Thanks Kia. Tough topic to cover as there are so many factors. They neglected thiamine in their B cite section. Also the broad classification of high fat diets can be misleading as there are numerous types of fat.

The section On caffeine neglected to into account that coffee and tea are loaded with antioxidants which are healthier than caffeine.

The HCA section showed that food prep is important. High temp cooking can make advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which can cause or exacerbate numerous neurological and other conditions. There currently aren’t drugs to counter these. However certain forms of thiamine and B6 can as well as glutathione.

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