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August 1.

Topic: From Patients' Stem Cells to a Disease Treatment (IPSCs for PD)

This is a nationally broadcasted show (US)

Times vary by station location.

(San Diego | 2pm | KPBS | 89.5 FM)

To find your local station and air time click following link to find your state, city, time & radio station:

*I will provide a post-broadcast link where the interview can be heard for those unable to catch it live.

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Thanks for sharing info about this broadcast. I hope/think Dr. Loring and other legitimate (there are many illegitimate) stem cell researchers are our best chance for a cure.

Thank there a post-broadcast link available to hear the broadcast?

I just finished listening to the podcast. I may have missed it, but I didn't hear Dr. Loring give a definite a time line for when stem cell treatment will be widely available for Parkinson's Disease. Trials will start at her clinic in 2019 if all goes well, but what does that mean for us? In contrast, I think she said it will be readily available for Type 1 Diabetes patients within 2-3 years. Did I miss something?

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Obviously, I understand the need and purpose of clinical trials, but I'd like a rough timeline, assuming all goes well with the trials. I wonder if 3 years for general use is a reasonable hope or will it be 10 years? Tick, tick, tick...

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