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What is Parkinsons

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Have just had a visit to the consultant. The hands cramping into odd shapes is not Parkinson’s. The loss of feeling in my legs is not parkinson’s ( I have watched in fascination as a fly crawled over my feet and legs and I could not feel it. )

So what is Parkinson’s.

I said that I seem to need more Sinemet , or nearer together when I was more active. Ah that is more like Parkinson’s.

Have had a lot of thinking to do. Some days are good Some parts of some days are good. I don’t know why

At this moment I have a kind of pins and needles feeling on my left kneck , face eye. Do I take this as a sign that I should rest ?

After nagging by my family and doctor I went to a specialist Physio. She told me I was doing fine. just try to stand on my toes then my heels a few times a day. I didn’t mention that I follow John Pepper.

She did the push tests. Scored full marks in all but the one where you have to walk through a narrow space while concentrating on an object beyond the space while she was talking to me. That was the one where my conscious thought went somewhere.

Everything I do seems to rely on conscious thought Although sometimes I find that I have walked some yards without thinking about it

Being in the house is very difficult All that turning, adjusting etc

I just so need to understand

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Agree movement seems to rely on conscious thought, and negotiating tight quarters in the house is difficult.

`well it dont seem like parkinsons m but theres one test i would like you to try put both arms out in front of you and wiggle fingers on both hands if one set of fingers are not wiggling the same as the other hand then you might be in trouble.this is how i found out i had pd.best of luck regards

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Even when looking at my left hand/ fingers they don’t wiggle properly. If I don’t conciously look and concentrate the difference between the two hands is much worse

It was one of the tests the consultant did.

Interestingly when I do look I find myself slowing down my right hand whilst concentrating on my left.

If I don’t look my right hand is normal and my left hand hardly moves

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I would say that I know I’m in trouble.

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i would say you have pd knowing what i was like i even told my doctor i had pd he said i dont have it.he was wrong.try going on madopar.200/50 starting on a fourth of a tablet they break in 4 take one fourth 3 times a day for 2 days then up it to half a tablet 3 times a day for 2 days.then 2 thirds for 2 days then a full tablet 3 times a day.thats how i started.build it up in your system.if that works you can take 1 madopar 100/25 3 times a day in between your 200/50.when needed,i do all that.i also take the b1 and b3 pills.plus mannitol ,hope this helps.regards

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Hi there I am taking 10 of 12.5/50 sinimet a day and 1 long release at night.

I was started off with 4 and it was wonderful. Now I am finding it hard to regulate. Have started an hourly diary today to see if I can see a pattern

Hmmm. I think the hand cramping into odd shapes is a kind of dystonia, and yes that can be part of Parkinson's. At least according to my specialist. Interesting.

It's true - not all your ailments are necessarily due to PD.

For instance, neuropathy can occur alone, and with other conditions. Hand deformities are commonly activity related, or may be Dupytrens.

I generally find 'resting' is worst thing to do for pins and needles or other pains. Activity ('potterring about') works much better. Relying on conscious thought - yes, a lot of re-learning to do, and then practice walk & talk!

Re physio treatment, I can't imagine why you didn't mention the exercises you do at home (JP). The Physio can be more effective when you describe accurately what you can and can't do, and what you want to achieve. As it is, she has possibly not worked you hard enough.

I think it's always worth being open with your Neurologist, Physio and others of your PD team - they'll be looking after you for the rest of your life.

Personal favourite websites



Both also on YouTube

Interesting thread. Never heard of the finger wiggling test. When I look away, I fail. Left hand much slower and more limited motion. This tells me a lot about what I've suspected. Big need to please and do well at all tests. I also have frequent painful hand cramps in left hand. Bummer since I am left-handed AND trying to take up watercolor in my 70s. What a weird puzzling disease this is.

I have cramp in the left hand. The hand goes into a wierd shape and I have to use the other hand to straighten it out.

It feels odd but not particularly painful.

Mentioned to specialist. Oh no nothing to do with Parkinson’s. What is if then? No real answer.

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