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Problem with feet

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Accept for a problem with my feet I feel quite well. I sometimes get tingly sensations and pain in my arch. Also since being diagnosed with PD about 7-8 months ago I have large bunions that have erupted on both feet. They are so large that none of my shoes fit accept for some sandals. Thank you, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced something similar.

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Pair of orthotics might help. You could try a pair of arch support Orthotics that you can buy in a store also. However custom-made ones would be the best

Hi Sailaway,

I have had PD for 8 or 9 years. Initially, I didn't notice anything peculiar about my feet, but a year or so ago, I began having troubled with my feet getting cold and being unable to warm them up unless I took a shower or if it is bedtime, I put on a pair of sweat socks and eventually, they warm up. At first I thought it might be my feet perspiring, but if they were, it was slight. I have had to conclude that it was circulation. The primary "remedy" is some ginger tea before bed. It works and since it is caffeine free, I believe I sleep better, which is important because I have had some real difficulties with sleep.

I am mainly affected in my right side and have noticed I am collapsing on my right arch when I walk. I bought a pair of stability running shoes last month and the bunion on my right foot has gotten smaller. I have been consciously trying to walk with the outside of my right foot to compensate.

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