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Leaning to one side

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I was diagnosed with the non-tremor type of PD 9 years ago. It has prognosed rapidly and I can no longer walk. I have a tendency to lean to the right side. (hence my name Eileen :-) Now I am at the point where it is difficult to sit up without constantly falling over. Does anyone else have his problem? Any solutions?


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I am 13 years post diagnosis, I have a stoop and a left hand lean. It has got to the stage now that, although my walking is basically very good, I get a back ache when I walk further than 5 miles.

I have had two courses of physiotherapy, but they have had little effect, perhaps because I did not put in enough homework. My specialist Parkinson's nurse has also suggested botox injections, but I'm reluctant to go down that route.

I have developed an app that runs on an Android smartphone. This is available for free. You "wear" the phone on top of your head, under a tight fitting ski hat or sun hat. It uses the accelerometer in the phone to continuously measure your lean/stoop and vibrates when you have bad posture. The idea is that you will react by straightening your back and build up core strength. I have tried it on myself. It has only had a limited success. But, I think it is in the nature of the problem that what has taken years to develop, will take years to fix. I am about to release a new version of the app, I will let you know when this is ready.


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That sounds like a really interesting smart phone app that you have developed! I like the way you think! Creative in the face of adversity!!!


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I said that I would let you know when the new version of the app was ready. It is now. Just run from your browser:


It has only been tested on Android using Chrome with the phone placed on top of the head. I will be pleased to hear of your experiences.

I think that a number of similar free apps could be made to lesson the symptoms of PD. If you would like to help build other apps or test this app, please get in touch. My email address is on my web site.


Hi "I Lean". 😊 Have you tried a chiropractor, one that doesn't "crack" your bones? My hips get out of alignment, which causes a drag on my right side, which also causes stooped posture & my back to hurt, & my chiropractor helps get it back in alignment everytime. I go once a month whether I think I need it or not.

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lag lag try one of theses machines they are cheap and help me a lot.you can buy them from china around 10 dollars.regards.

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which machines ?? Link, please. Thank you !

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i have both of them hope it helps,regards

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No. I have not tried a chiropractor. but I am going to try one now that I have read your response.

Have you tried a chiropractor to strengthen the muscles?

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No, I have not tied a chiropractor, but I am going to. A couple of other people suggested that also.

Hi Eileen. I lean to the left when I am tired. If you are the right Eileen, what would that make me???? My chiropracter showed me on the xray that I am leaning away from what ails me, my right lower back. As she works on that, I can stand straighter longer. Soon I can pass the name on to some one else. Don

This should be the "Pisa syndrome", a postural complication of PD. I have this too, but I lean to the left side.

Try taking Cats claw liquid herb

I would look into cervical disc issues. I have had two cervical disc herniations prior to PD and they both made me lean to the nerve damaged side. Don't assume everything is PD. :)

Since acquiring pd have you become shorter? As Laglag puts it,"Do your hips get out of line" ? Mine did.. I have gone from 6' in height to 5'6" since acquiring pd. As the body "settled", the rib cage on the left side has lowered inside the pelvis while on the right side, unless braced, has been diverted to the outside. This has caused considerable curvature of the spine. (Please excuse the rather dis-jointed thought flow. I heard there was a study done which linked spine curvature with cognitive decline and expressive ability.)

Here is an article I just read on chiropractors. I think it takes things a little too far, but maybe not? I know from personal experience that regular maintenance with a chiropractor helps me.


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