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Appointment with Dr Costantini in Viterbo, Italy

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Yesterday my husband had his appointment with Dr Costantini. We decided to hire a driver from our hotel in Rome. My husband was not keen on taking the train and we figured it was money well spent. Dr Costantini is very passionate about treating Parkinsons and also confident about the success of treating with B1. First there was a questionnaire but to be honest I think the Dr summed up exactly how badly my husband was affected within seconds of walking through the door. After Dr did some physical tests as explained in other posts, he injected him in his rump with a viale of B1. Almost immediately my husband face expression changed within half an hour he could stand up from his chair without support which he did several times while we were waiting to go back into the consultation room. We left there with enough injections to last for our stay ( 2 per week) in Italy and the website address to order more. Dr is sure that in one month hubby will be remarkably improved. I am cautiously trying not to get too excited but I feel euphoric at the same time. My husband is not showing his cards but that is what he is like...he is possibly a bit nervous about me learning to use a needle in his derriere..😉

It was an enlightening experience. Dr Costantini was so lovely in his manner to my husband, very kind and encouraging. His assistant and interpreter is also very engaged and positive and kind. I will follow up again soon...

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Thank you for sharing


Thank you for letting us know about your experience at Dr. Costantini's office!

Please keep us posted on your husbands progress!



I forgot to ask if you remember how long your visit was?


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At least 2 hours...but we waited after the injection in the waiting room for around 30mins and then back in to do some more tests.

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Impressive as usual! A truly caring doctor!


Thank you for sharing this beautiful success story. My wife also had to learn how to give me the injections but says it is easy, in Italy the pharmacies doing injection but you have to bring the doctor's prescription ( maybe also not depend of kind), there are qualified people who come to do it for a few euros.

Thank you GioCas. He is due the first one from me on Friday and I hope it goes smoothly. I think it is best I learn to do them so we are not reliant on others so much. Fingers crossed!

I agree, and I am happy for you and also for me to have met Costantini.

Excellent news. And you got to visit Rome!!

Will the website you’re ordering B1 injections from ship to the US.?

Having a hard time finding high enough doses of B1 for my dad, maybe we need to try injections. It won't even be the weirdest thing he's let me try on him either.

Do you have a link to the website?

How much he charged?

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I'm wondering how much will be the charge for a similar level doctor in USA ...probably 3 times more at least.

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Yep, last time in California I paid $400 for neuro 1hr visit. UK is maybe £250 or more.

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My last neurologist visit was to Duke and with insurance I paid $600 USD out of pocket.

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Neuro in private practice in MN wanted $800.00 cash for 1 hr. Would bill insurance $1500.00. Cheaper to fly to Italy and see Dr. Costantini and get compassionate care.

Isn’t that the truth!

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Surely this would be more fun because you could visit also Italy. :-)

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Exactly! That's my plan.

Very encouraging testimony. Can't wait to be able to go visit Dr C ,Thank you.

The website is

vitamina B1



Each one contains 100mg thiamine

This is what is written on the form for those who have asked for the place to buy the injections.

I believe they ship worldwide.

Kind regards nellie58

please tell me if injection is better than tablets

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nellie58 in reply to hanifab23

I do not know @hanifab23. Best you contact Dr Costantini directly.

please give us updates, I am so happy for your husband, I hope he gets better or cured. Many Blessings.

Keep us updated. I have so much faith on B1 vitamin, and also that your husband will get better. We need to be positive.

how is gone💉? 😁

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Hi GioCas...nothing to report really. I gave him his injection yesterday which went smoothly. I am sure it will get to be 2nd nature. Dr said these injections will be for life. Hubby has had Parkinsons for around 25 years. He will not be one of the lucky ones to reverse the disease altogether. We are optimistic for an improvement though. I will keep you posted 😀

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I know , I glad it went smoothly👍

It could have been worse, there is always an "almost" in each of us PD.

Great news, nellie58! Would you mind sharing Dr. Costantini's address in Viterbo? I would like to send him a card for Christmas. Best wishes. Gio

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that is such a nice thought. i think i will too.

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So do I. Thanks

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Hi Gio,

Dr Costantini's work address.

Centro Polispecialistico Giovanni Paolo I srl

Via Molini 9 D

01100 Viterbo

Tel: 0761304260

Fax: 0761320508

It is a lovely idea to send him a Christmas card! ❤

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Thanks so much! Take care.

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GioCas in reply to Giovi1960

vey good idea! 👍

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Giovi1960 in reply to GioCas

Does Dr. Costantini require a referral?

Thanks in advance.

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The following link should answer all of your questions regarding Dr. Costantini and HDT:

Dr. Costantini is currently working on creating a simplified form that you can fill out for your first email consult with him which should speed the process up and be more effective than the current method. Unfortunately that form is not quite ready yet.


No, no referral. I took blood test results and other things with us, but he did not need them.

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