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Humpty Dumpty

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I had a lovely BBQ in a park catching up with a group of old friends I hadn't seen for a long time. All was going well, I had my meds and was moving relatively easily. Towards the end while I was standing talking to a couple of people, one of my foot took a small step backwards and suddenly I lost balance and ended up on the ground. I then realised behind me was a raised bit of wooden edging separating the gravels from the lawn. it was a only very small rise but once I'm off balance I could not recover.

It is so frustrating and annoying when you are thrown off by the slightest, normal things. I already had a fractured hip and wrist from a fall just from walking 1.5 years ago.

In this instance, I also felt humiliated in front of so many people. Not all of them know I have PD (I didn't announced it to the world yet). I guess they'll just think that I'm a clumsy Humpty Dumpty!

Ah, the challenges of living with PD.

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I'm with you pal...

I think people in general don't have a clue about what PD is... just like me before i was diagnosed.

The good thing is, people don't give a f*ck about what happens to others. Except if they love you, or, I was remembered once, if they hate you.

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jaycees in reply to Xenos

Thanks for your comments.

Don’t fret... it happens to people without PD.

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jaycees in reply to marilw

Thanks, that's true.

Griñ and learn to count the littlelest victories over everyday tasks that used to be sooo easy. Walking A straight line, closing your eyes in the shower washing your face and not falling out of the tub, Eating soup with a spoon that’s a good one I always put my soup in a mug nowadays 😆 I suggest you tell all your friends your diagnosis life is too short to be hiding things from friends who might actually be very understanding helpful and supportive

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jaycees in reply to BUZZ1397

Thanks for your comments.

I will tell them.

Humiliated?!?! Never! We are some of the proudest and bravest people on earth. We did not ask for this, but by God, we have and are showing our mettle. Get up next time and suggest .."for my next trick"

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Annie11 in reply to Franklinbill

I love this comment..TY for the reminder....

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Popeye529 in reply to Annie11

Love it,, lol. We all need the laughing. I get so aggravated at times.

This is why i love this group♥ they are so positive and uplifting...i feel lucky to have them in my life.

My favorite times are in public bathrooms. I once spent 10 minutes trying to get toilet paper off the roll. And then there is trying to get up from the toilet. Not to mention the struggles with the door latches. Some days I just laugh .

Better to tell people, and educate them, rather then have them think you've been drinking too much.

Or how about when it takes you foreveeer to get into an elevator or doorway because you are freezing. I need a response for that one. Anyone got one??! Happy day and you are right keep laughing !

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