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One boob bigger than other one !

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Hi girls

Finished my RT over a year ago now and I think my body has done most of the adjusting its gonna do... lol

Problem I am faced with is the that the one that was operated on is now bigger than the other one so much that my bras puckers where it's not filled like the slightly largerpucker and it not a good look under certain clothes !! Lol

Does anyone know where I can get a type of insert to even them up a bit ? I haven't got a clue where to start dont think I need anything to large ! Just a little bit of help ...

Tks and hugs Diane

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I have the same problem except the other way round! My implant isn’t as big as my natural boob. I wear soft bra from George Asda and they do a another soft bra that has a pad that is removal, so I put one of those in my smaller boob, and it does the trick.

Morning Diane

I think you need to get refitted with a bra that fits your Operated/RT side, then get a partial breast form to balance you up, the hospital should be able to help you really as they’ll stock them for ladies who’ve had a Lumpectomy & are unbalanced on the operated side.

Best of Luck

Mrs N x

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Hi Diane - not sure where you live and what services your hospital provides, it might be worth getting in touch with your Breast care nurse to see if you have a prosthetic service - we have one in Leeds, no limit on time you that you can go to them - they'll have full size boobs and mini ones to ‘plug the gap’ - if that’s no use, M&S do some ‘fillets’, look on- line as well - good luck!

Warmest wishes

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Morning ladies

Tks for your suggestions I am wearing pre-op bras again along with some others bought along the way and they fit the "bigger" one I will take up your suggestions and also contact my local Macmillan centre

I have looked on line but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack when youmdont know exactly what you need! ROTFL

Maisie - I live outskirts of London can be in Oxford/Regents in about 40 mins. Load of choices to

Hugs Diane

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Rang BCN's left msge they phoned back and I have appt on 7th Sept.

Tks to you all and for pointing me in the right direction.

Hugs Diane

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Good luck Diane, I’m in same boat! I just sew in fillet to smaller boob side. Stay well dear girl.


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Hi hun, Asda do some fab bras non wired of course....some of the soft touch bras have side slits where you can take the pad inserts in and out, just a thought I would take out one and double it in the side where you need to even them up...x

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Hi Vgrady76

Tried almost every supermarket and shops u can think of for bras spending a fortune to find out only a few hours after wearing it wasn't comfortable even when I went to a place to be fitted with Royce bra it was wrong - that was an ouch in the purse

Tesco seem to fit me the only downside is they are made of nylon but 1 good thing is that I can now wear my wired bras they are comfortable

I am handy with a sewing needle so can easy make a pocket for insert to go into just need to right size "chicken fillet" to insert...ROTFL

Luv Diane

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BCN definitely the person to talk to. They should know all the options & possible solutions and good sources of bras. Options which I think include surgery ( if you want) to balance things up. Although I believe you often have to wait a long time as not urgent & more medical intervention may be the last thing you would contemplate.

When they were discussing my lumpectomy they were certainly saying that if necessary I could have further surgery on none operated side to even up or filling ( from stomach fat - so a bit of liposuction - got to be some benefits of this cancer trip) on operated boob. As it is my operated side is definitely smaller in volume and actually a better shape but difference is not so noticeable to others that I have asked for anything but think it's an offer that's available UFN - or at least until they alter NHS rules. My surgeon was keen to say that we should consider our boobs to be sisters but not twins!! & Although I thought mine were pretty good twins before they are certainly no more different than many friends " twins" post breast feeding etc.

Hope you get something sorted that suits you.

Kind regards


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Iknitandstitch in reply to MaryEB

Hi Mary

I am the opposite of you the operated one is now the larger of the 2 - and if I say so myself "looks perkier" if a 70+ year olds boobs can be described as that ...whoa ROTFLMAO !!

Other people say they don't notice it but I know they are different I feel as if I just need little bit to push up to fill the top of the bra that puckers up - not that I wear revealing clothes but you never know 1 day I might want be a bit more adventurous .. lol

I felt better after talking to BCN so roll on 7th Sept. Do not want more surgery I have had than enough to last me a lifetime before this it was all osteo arthritis related for the last 30 years (been in hospital over 30 times) altho liposuction on the tummy sounds good I think I will pass!

Tks and hugs Diane

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