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Exactly two weeks after diagnosis..

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So... its been exactly two weeks from getting back the biopsy results.... and still no sign of an MRI scan. Trying to keep positive and busy is the easiest thing, its all the concerned friends and family asking on progress that bizarrely seems to niggle. Maybe its just the fact that it is a reminder, while I am working so hard on pushing it to the back on my head.

Did anyone else have to wait several weeks for their scan, and if you did, what helped to keep you focused on keeping sane ?

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Hi hun, although my diagnosis didn't warrant a MRI scan I feel your aniexty, there's nothing worse than playing the waiting game, you should probably give your breast care nurse a ring, maybe she could put your mind at ease as to when this app will arrive! Hugs xx

Hi. I didn’t have an mri either x

Hi, I recall this waiting in limbo bit well, Its certainly anxiety inducing!

From what I have come to believe, depending on what the biopsy results told them regarding the nature of the tumour, you don't get an MRI.

I had a scan just of the breasts after diagnosis from biopsy but this was purely for the purpose of a 'starting point' to gauge reduction in tumour size as I had chemo first, then mastectomy.

If you were already told that you need an MRI then I would chase this but they aren't as standard.

The MRI in this case is due to needing better images after mammograms, biopsy, ultrasound diagnosis etc. Due to dense breast tissue ... only good thing to come from this is that I currently have 30 year old breasts at 49 🤣🙄 ... not quite the silver lining !

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Vgrady76 in reply to Itsadogife

The health care professionals have your best interests at heart, if this test is what is needed to have a better look at what's going on inside your breast then it's all good, I know waiting is AWFUL, but know this you will be fine!! Hugs xx

Ring them,and ask how much longer. Good luck, stay positive.xxxx

Yes chase your MRI - you want the treatment to start asap. Good luck xx

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