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Nausea, can't eat today

It 7PM, and thus far today I've been unable to eat due to nausea. I've never ha...

Travera to offer Blue Faery’s community of patients complimentary access to their Rapid Therapy Guidance Test!

Travera offers a new clinical diagnostic test developed at MIT and Dana Farber t...

New to this group & Newly Diagnosed with HCC.

I just wanted to say hello to the group. My bio describes what I have been goi...


What do you do when you feel down and wish you had never gotten HCC. You are a ...

Opioids behind the problem?

I've been fighting intermittent nausea, constipation, and a pain last month simi...


Anyone know why HCC causes nausea after eating? I've found zofran amazingly hel...

Jimmy's Still Making News ❤️

Jimmy and I made the Cypress Basin Hospice Newsletter ❤️. I know no one wants to...

Constipation and Pain

I've never had severe constipation until 6 days ago, when I was impacted. I was...

Nausea with each meal or snack.

I was doing pretty well with no nausea for three consecutive weeks. However it ...
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Blue Faery’s mission is to prevent, treat and cure primary liver cancer, specifically Hepatocellular Carcinoma...

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