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How will lifting of all covid restrictions, affect the vulnerable.

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Just a question, how do you all feel about the covid restrictions being lifted, bearing in mind, everyone here is CEV do you think, we will be catered for, as I'm not hearing anything on this, from Johnson and co

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Hello TG58. I believe that they have just left us to fend for ourselves in the face of not knowing who has it or how badly we would be affected by it. I shall be wearing my mask anywhere that I come near other people. It is the only small protection I can give myself.

I feel we’ve been left to our own devices for quite some time now TG58 but Pete and I will continue to wear face coverings, keep away from busy places and wash/gel our hands frequently. We will go out but with caution. We still have shopping delivered. Xxxx

I agree we were left to "get on with it" quite a while back. And I guess just continue as we're doing. I don't watch any updates I get too anxious about it but I can only assume by this post that the lovely caring compassionate bj is lifting all safety measures again... 🙄😔 muppet. Xx

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I don't think we will be catered for, we haven't been for a long time in my opinion. I will continue to wear my mask and not go to places where there are lots of people. I will continue to have my shopping delivered as well. I think it's disgusting how we have just been left to get on with things on our own. Sorry if this post offends anyone, it wasn't meant to. Have a goodnight and take care everyone 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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sassy59 in reply to Damon1864

Not offended at all Bernadette. Xxx😘

We were abandoned when Matt went. They seem to be ignoring the rising death levels.We will continue “cowering from the virus.” (Sajid Javid)

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Tykelady in reply to Troilus

You're right. I used to get regular updates from Matt and nothing since he went.

Me too .

To be honest, I have been doing normal things for a long time, or at least since I had all 3 vaccinations, I do personally feel I have to get on with life, I know that won't resonate with most, but I need to get on for my mental health. I shielded on both occasions from work, about 5 months in all, and it made me very depressed. I work as a postman, and we normally share a van between 2 postie's, but because of covid, and being CEV, we were allowed to have a van on our own, which obviously helps with isolation, but I must admit, with restrictions being lifted, will Royal Mail, now make me go back to van sharing, I guess I will know, within the next couple of weeks, hopefully they will let me carry on. It's a shame this government can't give proper guidance/rules to companies, so people knew where they stood.

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madonbrew in reply to TG58

I too have been doing kind of normal life again. But just being as careful as I can be. Wearing my mask 😷 and keeping my distance when I can, gel hands etc. I did even go to the theatre 🎭 before Christmas although must admit that I felt particularly vulnerable there. I’m a Christian but don’t go to church atm because of being inside with lots of people for a longer time with not much ventilation (although my church try quite hard to make things as safe as possible!) I go to the shops etc I keep thinking this might be for life, or at least the foreseeable future, so I just have to do what I feel safe with as and when. Inside spaces for prolonged time with closer contact with people is the thing I try and avoid more…minus the theatre experience!

Like you, my mental health was severely affected and I needed some ‘normality’ around me.

I understand and appreciate though that lots of people here feel much safer almost self shielding still.

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Tykelady in reply to madonbrew

I too have stopped going to church although I do follow our Sunday mass on livestream but still shop but only when necessary, visit chiropodist and hairdresser. The only thing I do which I think might be slightly more risky is meeting an old friend for coffee each Saturday. As we both live alone this gives us a feeling of normality.

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sassy59 in reply to TG58

You’re right of course and I hope you stay well. Take care xxx

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Thepainterswife in reply to TG58

As a carer I haven’t been worried so much about myself as my husband but I have kept strictly to the rules , never leaving the house during the worst times, only seeing family through the window etc When things eased I went to essential appointments ( following all the guide lines) and met up with a friend , who has MS and so is equally cautious, weekly for coffee . Now I really feel it’s time to get back to some sort of normality for the sake of our mental health and I can’t help but wonder why the people attending Boris’ s parties weren’t as frightened as the rest of us 🤔 Surely most of them had parents, grandparents or CEV in their families? I won’t be partying or being in crowds and will continue with hygiene measures but otherwise I’m going to get back to living ! The question we have to ask is if not now when ? My husband won’t be going anywhere, he’s not well enough and tbh I think if he was he would be very concerned but I think at some point we have to make the decision - do we get back to some sort of normality or live as recluse’s 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wasn’t there something said in the new plan about isolating restrictions being reviewed in March ?? Best wishes to everyone whatever you decide , we all have to do what we think best for ourselves xx

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bazcranleigh in reply to TG58

picas of Johnson's load of toadies. Hancock at least cared for the CEV but Javid is purely Business Secretary No.2

I don't think anything will be done just as it hasn't been for some time now. A member on a panel on a TV chat programme this morning annoyed me by saying that the public couldn't keep being restricted to protect the vulnerable. They should wear masks and protect themselves. This is true for many but showed a great lack of consideration for those who genuinely can not wear a mask. I'm one of those people so my life will continue to be restricted for the foreseeable future. We don't all have the freedom to live a normal life and an acknowledgement of that at least would be appreciated.

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sassy59 in reply to CDPO16

People don’t appreciate what others go through on a daily basis and when mask wearing ends we will have to be very careful. Many won’t care two hoots about anybody else. It’s a shame really and I hope you stay safe Carole and take care xxx💜

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CDPO16 in reply to sassy59

I don't think some have cared two hoots all along Carole, fortunately a minority. Still housebound after a bad winter so staying safe is relatively easy so far. You take care too xxx

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sassy59 in reply to CDPO16


You are in the same boat as Geoff Carole , restrictions or not he’s just not fit enough to get out yet. Let’s hope that better weather and the covid situation continuing to improve over the next few months sees you both able to get out and enjoy life a bit more once we get some warmth and sun 🙏. Stay strong and focus on that trip out in the car you’ll be enjoying soon 😊😘 xx

Thank you for those kind thoughts Val. I hope that you will be right and that Geoff will be able to get out too later this year. xx

Well I don’t know about you Carole but apart from being really unwell the situation we’ve been going through has drastically knocked Geoffs confidence , he’s very worried about leaving the house and it’s not just about covid , but things always seem better in the warmer months when the suns shining so hopefully things can only get better for both of you and all the others in similar circumstances Im looking forward to just enjoying our morning coffee together in the garden for starters 😊xxx

Coffee in the garden will be a good step for him to take. I'll be happy if I reach stage where I can get to the car and we have a run out and park somewhere with a nice view. xx

I remember you enjoyed that last summer and you will do again this year 😊 xx

I think we must continue to take responsibility for ourselves. I will continue to mask , distance and antibac, but I have been going to exercise classes and will continue to do so. I can't wait to return to the theatre, I will do the above, avoid people and stay in my seat. As do most of us I suffer wearing a mask but not as much as I did when mechanically ventilated. Now I have a choice, if I really want to be amongst people, which I do, then I will suffer a mask.

It's ridiculous that he now lift all the restrictions again. I don't understand this, infection rate will climb shortly after this again. There are still lots of people who are not vaccinated and I do feel sorry for parents with children. The risk are still to high for infections. Covid will stay no matter what we do, a colleague from my partner at work has got 3 times positive, he got all vacation n booster and still catched it. Sure it's not intense as without it I believe, but this is also means you can get it again and again.

It will takes a long time to feel safe again.

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Patk1 in reply to MELNEL

I also know q few people who've had boosters and have caught it, in 50s and 60s - all like a heavy cold .younger people seem to get it much milder,after 2 jabs and clears faster. Personally,whether it's omicrom,a cold,flu,rsv- all go straight to lungs in us + cause infection.i think at present,it's time to remove restrictions and everyone can choose to protect ourselves or not. I dont expect the population to be all restricted against a mild variant,to protect me.we all know what to do

I'm not worried as ill continue wearing masks,and have carried/used handgel for many years

They never do give you a straight answer do they and it's so infuriating!

You just need to take as many precautions as you can and i think with the amount of staff abscentees you will have a good chance of keeping your solo working regime.Your occupation is not only helping keep your condition stable and your body fit but obviously has tremendous benefits for your mental health,crack on Terry,mask at hand and you will probably outlive us all.


How are you and scruffs the cat getting on?

Baby is well and still spoilt!

Scruff's like her slave is getting older and showing her age,i have no idea how old she is but i imagine she must be at least 10-12 yrs old or more but like her slave we amble through life at an ever decreasing speed without too many problems except i think her dependency on my fuss and attention is abnormal for a stray and i must confess it tires me out,she needs a younger slave so if you know of one do let me know,😊

Baby is 18 in April!

You are obviously either a glutten for punishment or a masochist?


Yes we only have ourselves to blame for having spoilt Baby which is why she will be 18 in April!

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TG58 in reply to skischool

Unfortunately I have a regular partner, who I van share with, who rarely has time off sick, so potentially I could have to share again very soon, but we shall see, your correct though, the amount of walking I do helps me keep my lungs relatively clear, not great in this weather though, but you can't have it all, lol.

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Cak3y50 in reply to skischool

I will continue as I have been very carefully only going to one of my groups as they all wear masks when I'm there . Not sure what will happen when mask wearing stops. I have upgraded my mask to KN95 which gives me aittle bit more confidence but as others have already said we will have to continue doing what's best for us as the general public have no concept of what having a lung disease means for day to day living. Stay safe and well people xx

Three asthmatic daughters , one has to take the train to work . Always wears a mask , all day at work too as do her colleagues . Regular testing .Her employer is super careful , but now no mandated masks on transport . Why when Omicron still present ?

Second daughter triple boosted caught the virus , set her off wheezing …then granddaughter .

Masks in shops , why not ?

I just don’t understand why mask wearing at least is not now mandatory …it’s still winter .

Other countries still wear masks .

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CDPO16 in reply to knitter

I don't understand it either knitter.

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bazcranleigh in reply to knitter

But we have to be different. We have been all along and look where it's got us. 150,000 dead.

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Jaybird19 in reply to knitter

Agree . The Asiatic population have been quite used to mask wearing every year before covid arose .

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Patk1 in reply to knitter

Hi knitter.has yr daughter recovered frm covid x

I think the cev have been thrown to the wolves.I may be cynical but I do think this latest announcement is to deflect attention from the current leadership crisis at Westminster.

Yes we need to learn to adapt and live with covid but to change the regulations so much in the Winter season is daft. I understand the restrictions were up for review and I appreciate we need to open up our economy and also get back to some sort of normality.

I shielded both times would I do so again - unsure.

Schools are always a breeding ground for bugs and yet simple measures like masks are to be dropped.

The WHO ?Dr Navarro makes more sense to me in his statement yesterday.

Stay safe and well dodgy lung buddies

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CDPO16 in reply to Cloudancer

I think it's intended as a distraction from the goings on at No 10 too.

I agree with CDPO16. But I think like many, we need to adjust to a new normality. Yes, avoid crowded places, Increase ventilation, focus on a small number of friends and family. Wash regularly. And long life to all!

I’m really anxious as hubby has severe COPD.and I have pleural thickening.nThe virus is still all around us. Just wish they’d keep up with masks in shops and public transport as I still don’t feel we vulnerable will be safe. I feel we’re now just seen as collateral damage in going forward and Johnson is appeasing backbenchers

Obviously old bo the smo hasnt been informed about the likes of us and he will say no one told me i thought they are at no risk level lolBut to be honest its up to the individual if your stupid enough to mix with a lot of people then take the risk

But honestly what do you do

All Bo the Smo wants is a quiet life he dont know whats going on

Good Luck Mate wish you well

Some people don’t have a choice but to mix with people I don’t, what I’m to do stop going in to work? I’m cev myself with mental health problems I see a psychiatrist in England, I don’t have the luxury off working from home, just don’t like being called stupid for the choices I have no control over simply I can not afford not to work , it’s not a easy or simple situation to be in

Yes i understand and respect where your coming from but i stick to my point its just use your common sense Wear a mask if your around a lot of people its not hard

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Jaybird19 in reply to Eastend555

The mask you wear stops you infecting others, and so they need to wear mask to protect you if you are vulnerable. Getting covid doesn't stop you getting it again any more than the vaccine does. It does stop most of the healthy getting desperately ill but if your lungs are already damaged then you do end up in hospital . I look at the hospital admissions as a guide and try to see how many of those are vaccinated, the hospitals are still overloaded and with many staff ill or isolating.

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Eastend555 in reply to Jaybird19

Yes i agree completely

I believe we should get back to living a normal life again. I have , as my mental health is just as important . I now do my shopping and love to be back out there meeting people. Hope we never ever have another Lockdown. Back on the school run and seeing the kids all happy with their friends . I appreciate living life to the full as it's short enough. I have never worn a mask as cant tolerate it. Greeting my family and friends with a hug is the norm for me. Let's all just be normal again as we have been fully vaccinated. Life is for living. xxSheila 🙌💕

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Catgirl1976 in reply to garshe

Yes we feel the same way here how mental health is just as important as physical health and feel strongly about how life is for living not hiding and we just have to take our chances.

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garshe in reply to Catgirl1976

Totally agree, we need to get back to some sort of normality. We have learned to live with other viruses like the flu.etc. I have had all the vaccinations so just have to get out there and be responsible . Keep safe ,stay well xxSheila 💕💕

Agree found a lovely quote somewhere which said "don't count the days make the days you have count"It's a choice for each individual to make based on their own unique circumstances.

Stay well and safe

Have just listened to the tail end of a discussion on breakfast TV where a scientist (missed his name) thinks that mask wearing should continue as not doing so makes the vulnerable more vulnerable. Pity his opinion won't count in high places.

Hi TH5B At this moment in time (and for quite a while) we have been left to our own devices, but now the bus is coming and we are all being thrown under it. Telling people they no longer need to isolate from March if they have Covid (whichever variant that may be) is ripping away our last line of defence . All the CEV people who have no choice but to work will be on tender hooks that the person stood next to then with symptoms could be knowingly handing them or their family a death sentence. Anxiety for a lot of us will be through the roof and it doesn’t seem to matter. Our limited lives are shrinking by the day unless we are happy with running the gauntlet. When things return to ‘normal’ for my husband, then he will be seeing anything up to 70 individuals a day! He is CEV also. Why have we no voice? Where do we go from here? All this chatter about these wonderful antivirals that we now have to protect us for when we catch this virus, why have they not provided them with the PCR test that they have given some of us? Cut out the middle man by trying to get an appointment, or jump on the start of the infection whilst waiting for the all important infusion.

Where are the health professions standing in our corner? People are incredibly vocal about saving the hospitality sector, so why are senior advisors not vocal about saving us actual living, breathing (albeit fighting for) people? Are those pounds worth more than a persons life? Last month it was Plan B when figures rose to the 100,000 a day mark, and now that we are still seeing that level of infection in the community, they are scrapping everything! I despair.

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knitter in reply to Jandm

Re PCR test for CEV people …..has your husband been sent one yet?

I had suspect symptoms , asked for a test to be sent to me ….I got two, used one .Wondering if the other was my CEV one .

I could hardly believe yesterday that mitigations were being altered.

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Jandm in reply to knitter

I’m the one who has been sent the PCR test, he is CEV but I’m much more vulnerable than him it’s a double edged sword, if he gets it then he really won’t fair well and if he passes it to me as he is the only person I have any contact with then I have a much higher chance of not surviving. Many individuals are having to deal with that situation. How do you live with that on your conscience that you effectively have ended your loved ones life through no fault of your own or lack of diligence? That is a reality and a growing burden throughout the CEV community at this present time when all restrictions are ending. Not as much of a mutter as to what we do next. We are not forgotten, we are completely disregarded. The scales are tipped heavily towards the economy.

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bazcranleigh in reply to Jandm

The economy is the only thing that matters to the Johnson/Javid duo. Otherwise why would Johnson remove a Minister sympathetic to the CEV (when Johnson has broken social distancing rules much more frequently than him) with an ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer. Perhaps his teflon shield won't save him this time.

They will come out with the unhelpful rhetoric of saying we should continue to take care and they will be confident the general public will exercise extreme caution.

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CDPO16 in reply to Mrbojangles

They have more faith in the general public than I do.

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sassy59 in reply to CDPO16

Me too Carole. It’s crazy! Xxx

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Jandm in reply to Mrbojangles

Just driving around and watching the general public shows what little regard they have for others. Even though masks were mandated there were still an awful lot of people unwilling to abide by the rules. What chance have we got in getting them to ‘do the right thing’? Fat chance! CEV people are openly questioned and criticised for trying to protect their health by people who are not bright enough to comprehend how a respiratory virus works after all this time. I have zero trust in the general public. Looking at all the laughing emoji’s on fb on the death toll so far or the suffering it’s caused is despicable and shows that compassion and empathy are traits that too few people have let alone exhibit.

It seems we are no longer fit for any purpose and just pushed to one side politics rule not commonsense I will continue to wear my mask untill I deem it unnecessary

We will both carry on wearing masks and not mixing with people inside, as we have done since April 2020! We won't be going to pubs, clubs, cinemas, cafes etc!!

i will be doing what i am know wearing my mask wen i go out keep my distence when im out

Another TV discussion just now in which an A&E consultant in Cambridge thinks the numbers are still too high and that lifting restrictions now is too soon.

People stopped wearing masks quite a while ago thankfully .the general public has moved on & i agree with others if you want to pretend your mask is saving you go ahead & wear it , because if it works & all these jabs work what does it matter what other people do .I say live & let live . take care !!!!

The whole point of wearing a mask is that prevents the wearer's coughed particulates from possibly affecting others and, depending on how well it is fitted and the quality of the mask, can protect the wearer to a large extent. Obvious to anyone with any intelligence.

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sassy59 in reply to bazcranleigh

Well said! Xxx

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Superzob in reply to Runner4848

There is no pretence about it. Surgical masks are worn by medical staff to reduce infection of patients but, sadly, the more effective FFP2/N95 masks were not available early on to benefit medical staff, who succumbed to COVID because they were not protected from the patients. However, FFP2/N95 masks have been around for at least 50 years as I wore them for work and, if properly fitted, they "do what it says on the tin" (ie, provide 95% protection). I have always advocated wearing these, and purchased mine online - unfortunately, the NHS bulk purchases from other suppliers who could not fulfil the need at the time, and surgical masks only provide 50% protection to the wearer (but more to others). However, I was pleased to see the technician at my last year's spirometry wearing an FFP3 mask, providing 99% protection; so, from my point of view, mask wearing by medical staff is moving in the right direction, even if it is not the case with the general public.

Hello, I think it's extremely reckless of Boris Johnson's government to end restrictions at this stage with so many infections and hundreds of people still dying. I amCEV and myCEV sister in her late 60's lives with CEV husband in his 70s and CEV son late fifties they all have covid, it showed itself a few days ago and they are currently experiencing coughs etc They are all triple jabbed! My husband and I have not seen them for 2 years. We have been shielding largely, home deliveries and we do not go where people are gathering indoors, just outdoor markets really. Can't see this changing any time soon! Best of luck to everyone.

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bazcranleigh in reply to

The following excerpt from the New York Times supports the need for caution still. Shame on you Johnson,

Austria takes steps toward a Covid vaccine mandateLawmakers in Austria voted yesterday to make Covid vaccines mandatory for almost everyone 18 and over beginning Feb. 1, putting the country on a path to be the first in Europe with such a wide-reaching mandate. People who are pregnant or who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and those who have recently recovered from Covid would be exempt.

The government said it would begin routine checks of vaccination status in mid-March, in situations like traffic checks. Those who cannot immediately produce proof of vaccination will be reported to the authorities and could be fined up to 600 euros ($685). Contesting that fine could result in its increasing to €3,600, or about $4,000.

Life for us will go on the husband has numerous health conditions including leukaemia and at the moment is being treated with radiotherapy for a type of cancer. he has received a PCR test which he is to use if he feels any of the symptoms related to Covid and if the test result comes back positive then he will be given antiviral medication and he is waiting for a fourth booster.

I also have numerous health conditions which if I get taken ill with Covid wont be good but my biggest fear is if I catch it and then pass it to my husband so most shopping is done online.............masks will still be worn not only to attempt to protect ourselves but our neighbours.............we live in a retirement scheme and we have recently seen Covid go through the place like a dose of salts........neighbours and staff are still ill/being is scary

I went into Sainsburys on Monday and got a little bit of shopping. I was wearing my TFL Badge that stated quite clearly that I was exempt from wearing a mask. I approached the self service checkout and was able to put through a few items before the usual blip occurred. I asked the member of staff who was manning these checkouts for help. She was wearing a rather tight fitting mask, tight fitting gloves and a gilet zipped up to the neck.

She approached me raising her hands - palms towards me -and asked me to-

QUOTE: "Back off because she didn't want me breathing all over her"

I said QUOTE:- "that I had a mask in my pocket and if she wanted I would put it on but couldn't do this for more than a few minutes as I became unable to breath properly and as she could see by the badge I was exempt but carried a mask just in case it was needed - like this".

She said QUOTE "No need. I just don't want you breathing on me"

This was the first time I have encountered anything like this bias for not wearing a mask. She was obviously in the wrong job as she had no rapport with the CEV public,

I think this attitude, hopefully scarce, has been fed by the Governments scare tactics. How unfortunate.

Yes we are on our own gang - nothing unusual there then. Next time this happens I shall insist on calling the Manager.

Take care everyone

Keep safe

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moogle in reply to Bardear

how do you know that she wasn't CEV herself?

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Bardear in reply to moogle

I don't know whether she was CEV herself. Though she surely would have recognised the exemption badge (whatever the reason) and could have said she was also CEV or otherwise. I would have thought that if she was she would not have been on self service machine herself where she could have been subject to public contact verbal or otherwise. Health and safety I would have expected.

Hello to all and thank you TG58 for starting this debate and to everyone else for all your messages. Like many of you I am very nervous about what is going to happen next week. For the sake of political manoeuvring aiming to distract us from what is going on at N.10 and please some MPs in the Commons once more CEV are put at risk. We know some people who have Covid in their household and still go out as normal, send their children to school etc…. As citizens we all have rights but also have duties. One of them is to respect and protect the vulnerable. Anybody can one day become vulnerable. But this is probably not a very popular thing to say. I understand people who are leading their life as normally as possible. Like you, TG58, many have no choice as they have to work and take risks. For people on their own and for everyone’s mental health social interaction and going out is indispensable. I am tempted to go shopping, socialise, go out for coffee etc… though I have not done so yet. I don’t feel I can take the risk and it makes me too anxious as not everybody follows the rules. We will have to get used to live with all the various variants of COVID. But for me, now is not the time to drop masks etc… Not yet. Other countries do not follow that path but take away restrictions according to scientific advice and with consideration for the population long term. Most scientists forcefully state that removing safety measures now is too premature. Talk to anyone working for the NHS. I feel very sorry for them. Unlike GPs they have been available, caring and have are doing their best. I am personally very grateful to them. They need protecting too. Indeed, we will have to return to a more normal life. But it needs to be done more gradually and purposefully, with a solid plan. Not opportunistically.

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CDPO16 in reply to Zephir

Well said.

I think we need to just use our own judgement based on FACT.omicron,in the vaccinated with boosters,has been shown to be a milder strain.Most people in icu are unvaccinated.

Death tolls show who had covid up to a month previously.far from all of those deaths r attributable to covid.either delta,omicrom or other strains.

Measures had to b taken whilst scientists probed how serious a threat omicrom was.i personally am pleased my grandchildren,nephews,nieces dont have to wear masks at also happy to have a balanced view of the risks.we were told regularly how to protect ourselves.i don't feel the need to be reminded.other diseases r being neglected,waiting lists are huge,smears cancelled,many tests cancelled,operations cancelled,in some cases with devastating consequences;dental care neglected,support groups for mental health, disabled,ill,elderly etc etc etc livelihoods destroyed;the cost to health,mental health,etc etc is going to be felt for a very very long time.covid is just 1 virus,1 disease.we cannot afford to neglect everything else for what at present is a mainly mild virus.

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CDPO16 in reply to Patk1

Dropping the wearing of masks increases the incidence of preventable disease and is not too much to ask of those able to comply. If someone has flu they are usually too unwell to be out and about. Throughout the pandemic many have had covid with no symptoms at all yet may have passed it on to someone who became extremely ill or died.

I have complained to my MP, it's not good enough putting politics before the health of this nation. Everyone needs to bombard their MPs, eddy to do via email

You don't seem to believe in anything.

Why do you think the changing climate is fake ? We can do little to alter it but we can slow it down giving more time to deal with it. It has happened before many times in the geologic history of the earth...

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Runner4848 in reply to Jaybird19

Changing climate ? Sorry i said climate crisis & the reason i don't believe a word of it is because i follow the money ,Big corporations are spending Billions on lobbying Governments or bribing GOV Why ? because they wan't the contracts they want their grubby hands on the Public tax payers money & MSM are owned by the very same people , so in a nutshell you can't believe a word they say .

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Jaybird19 in reply to Runner4848

Do not listen to all that but I do know the climate is changing .

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Runner4848 in reply to Jaybird19

I agree weather patterns change all the time ,but this is my 3rd climate crisis ,we had the ice age coming , the UK was going to be dark 24/7 & temp would never gat above freezing ,then it was the Ozone layer ,we were going to burn up & now it's like this it the end is neigh because of gas or something . So the big question is what comes after this narrative or agenda .

I do think the general population has to learn to live with this virus just like we do with flu. People with diseases such as ourselves have had to make choices, like wearing a mask, keeping our distance and washing hands etc and will continue to do so for as long as each person sees fit. I go out now and again and shop once a week, attend the hospital etc and make every effort to protect myself and have had all my jabs, this is as much as i can do. Life has to go on and covid will be here for a long time. I will try to be as careful as possible and that is all I can do. I hope you all keep safe x

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garshe in reply to Izb1

Totally agree. 🙌🙌

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Angelagone in reply to garshe

Me too. I'm still careful because it's the cold and flu season, and I'm always careful at this time of year. That said, I made the slow return to normality a while ago, it was that or go nuts and both physical and mental health were suffering. I do think removing all restrictions is madness though, it should have been done gradually.

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garshe in reply to Angelagone

Yes we have to get back to some sort of normality as its been over 2yrs we have put our lives on hold. Life is too short and we should live every day to the full. We have lost many shops from the high street and it's like a ghost town in some places. The younger generation told to work from home so not getting to see their work colleagues is such a shame. Hospital appointments put on hold, so many suffering. We just have to live our lives again . xxSheila 🙌💕

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I agree with you completely, but why lift mask restritions, it only affects us with breathing problems who struggle with masks. I would rather wear one and feel a bit safer. It is only political removing that restriction and uts shameful x

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I live in Wales so we dont have Boris telling us what to do. We have our own First Minister Mark Drakeford who has done a fab job .I cant tolerate a mask so have never worn one, but if you feel safer wearing one even if you dont have to, it's up to the individual. I remember on my visits to Thailand ,Singapore and many other Countries years ago, they chose to wear masks because of the Pollution. I remember feeling sorry for them, little did I think I would see mask wearing in UK. Hoping I will see a normal UK soon . We live with other viruses and never had to wear a mask, so we have to learn to live with this one now. Keep safe xxSheila 😷💕💕 Its sad not being able to see people smile. xx😁😍

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Suzie42 in reply to garshe

Funny enough i couldnt tolerate a mask to start with, i panucked and breathing was bad, my gp suggested peactising at home and this worked for me. I still reakky struggle, but would rather wear it than get exposed to virus. I agree with you, i miss seeing facial expressions and hope we soon can all lice with it soon. Take care Sheila xxx

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I practised with masks at home too Suzie42 and can manage,altho sometimes it's a struggle.but rather that than risk all the winter viruses

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When I went for my booster jab, there was a young lad at the door who insisted I wear a mask. I explained I couldn't and in the end to shut him up as there was a queue building up behind me, I agreed to wearing a face shield. I did struggle with that and kept moving it away from my face as struggling.. there were a few there he had made wear a mask one of whom collapsed. When I told my Respiratory team about this they made a formal complaint and I received an apology. The young man was taken off his duty at the door . He was too young to understand but they had these young volunteers there who unfortunately were not medically trained. Good you can tolerate the mask and you feel safer. xxSheila 😷💕💕

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At a local primary school half the children in one class are away with covid -and this is before the masks restrictions are lifted.Whilst these little ones are fortunately not to my knowledge seriously ill some of their peers will have underlying health problems.

I don't know what the answer is re masks but still think it's too soon to stop completely whilst in the winter flu /bug season.

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Also not using it as a licence and a shield to hide behind for bad behaviour and being unkind to people either and something to hide behind as an excuse not to do things they don't want to do!

Some political commentators are suggesting that lifting restrictions is one way Johnson is trying to distract attention from the Downing St parties. Sorry if Im repeating and this is above.

Im glad many here are pleased that things are getting back to "normal". But please spare a thought for those of us with advanced conditions who feel they still have to shield, especially those who have had serious brushes with death. Some of us dont have the luxory of "having to learn to live with it". Also so hard for those who are younger, are CEV and dont have a choice about having to work.

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Well said Jean, I completely agree.

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I’ve an immune deficiency so I don’t know how I’m supposed to learn to live with it either. There are many of us here who’re much more vulnerable than most, for one reason or another, especially those fighting cancer & on immune-destroying chemo, or transplant recipients.

It seems to me that asking people to wear masks is a very, very small request indeed. I’m afraid in my opinion some people have been much too ready to claim exemption, without a thought for how this might affect the acutely vulnerable.

Hi I totally agree with other users I feel we have been left to fend for ourselves !!! Although my lung surgeon did say to me just before Christmas ignore the government advice and carry on shielding 🤷‍♀️ My husband has just had COVID and I was extremely lucky not to catch it from him although we were very vigilant in mask wearing near each other and hand gelling repeatedly through out the day . I will carry on wearing masks whenever I leave the house which won’t be often in this cold 🥶

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