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Hi I’m 67 years young😀 and have copd

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HI and welcome ladyn.

Hello ladyn and welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly people on here so do feel free to ask questions. Xxxx

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ladyn in reply to sassy59

Thanks. Been Reading for ages.

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sassy59 in reply to ladyn

Good to meet you, xx

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Hi lady very pleased to meet you. We a a friendly, supportive bunch who love having a laugh and love life. Please feel free to join in any time, and keep posting. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Hi ladyn, Nice to meet you! Look forward to getting to know you more!

Dee 🌺

Hi Ladyn, welcome to this friendly site. If you’ve been diagnosed recently I’m sure you have lots of questions to ask. There are lots of lovely people on here with various stages of the illness, so I’m sure they’ll always be someone to answer your questions, have a moan to when you’re feeling down or share a laugh or a joke with. Take care. Christine. X

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ladyn in reply to CELAT06

Thank you. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago, must admit apart from a chest infection never been in hospital until recently. I often read posts on this site.

Welcome i am Ski's 68yrs young but older than you which makes you very young in my eyes which see better than my lungs breath,which really feel thier age


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Izb1 in reply to skischool

Oy! thought you were the same age as me ? Arent you 70 this year, come on admit it lol x

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ladyn in reply to Izb1

Only just 67

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Izb1 in reply to ladyn

Sorry ladyn I was replying to Skischool and just teasing x

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skischool in reply to Izb1

No my dear born in 1953 so not a porky pie but i do feel a whole lot older if that is any compensation.

😂😻 x

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Izb1 in reply to skischool

Oh! no, I am a year older than you Mike ha! And there was me thinking we were celebrating together. I will delay my party until next year then lol x

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skischool in reply to Izb1

No we can have two partys and just pretend you are 69 like me this year Lol.

😊😻👍 x

Hi and welcome ladyn

Welcome to the forum ladyn. Lots of good people on here always ready to help or just to chat. John 😀

Welcome to this lovely forum.

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Hello and a warm welcome to the forum. You will receive lots of support and advice from our lovely members and don't forget you can also contact us at the helpline if you need to.

Take care


Hi and welcome to the forum. Ladyn x

Hello and welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you, hope you are well, Laurie xx

Welcome to this friendly, funny and informative forum. I too have copd and am in my 60s.

Welcome Ladyn , I have COPD had it for sometime now so there is life after diagnosis just have to take care of yourself and avoid bugs if possible.

Hello & welcome cx

Best wishes Bill F

Hi ladyn and welcome to the site x

Gosh you're going to be a popular "newbie" by the responses you've had from our members. Make yourself at home and remember, there's nothing you cant post on this forum as long as it's not offensive etc etc. Its played a huge part in my life and still does! 🐿😷💟.

Hello and welcome ladyn. I'm sure you will get lots from this friendly site. Many of us have COPD, so can often help with advice and support along with the BLF help line. Best wishes xxx

Hello!!! Welcome to this forum... lots of great people. Very supportive and always compassionate ... with a wonderful dose of humor!!xx

Hello and welcome. Like you I-had been reading for some time before posting. It’s good to hear from you. Grace

Welcome to the forum, Ladyn xxx

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