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Struggling tonight update.

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First of all thanks so much to everyone who replied to this it means a lot to me. Since then the consultant rang me again and said that we needed another talk! This was after his secretary told him she was confused because one minute I was saying I'd go for the biopsy then another minute I was saying I didn't want to! He said he would cancel it as it carried it's own risk and he was already convinced of his diagnosis. He gave me the list of meds I would have to take and to be honest I freaked out! He asked me to think about it all and we would talk when I was ready. I have had a serious think and want him to give me a couple of months and test my blood again. I am too stressed to cope at the moment. By then,Dee will have had her chemo and scans and whether the news is good or bad we will be a bit clearer. Also we may know more about Lockdown and Covid. I realise this is risky but so is anything I do. However,I got a card through the post with an appointment with the rheumatologist in June.I thought I'd seen the last of him last year!!🙄

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Hard times for you and your family and tough decisions but at least the doctors are in touch and talking to you.

Try and find some peace from all your turmoil.

Love and e-hugs

Kate xxx

Sending love to you Aingeful and thinking of you and Dee at this difficult time. Xxx💞

So sorry to hear things are so hard for you with your health. We have enough to contend with already. Try to stay strong hope things will be clearer. Brian

Hello Aingeful ,

It IS scary and very overwhelming. And you have so much going on right now. I do understand you feeling stressed out about it. No point in pushing yourself into something you aren't comfortable with. I am thinking of you and Dee. Please take care of yourself and let us know his things go when you feel up to it.

Lots of love to you,

Cas xx 🙋🐕

Feel for you Hun, any Prolonged Health problems can cause a Mental Worry , along with this Dam Virus Hiding it's Sneaky Attack. I can only Offer you & Dee, my Loving Thoughts for you Both to get through this Terrible Awful Time. Love n Gentle Hugs. XXX

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Aingeful in reply to Hacienda

Thanks Hacienda.Mental worry doesnt cover it at the mo,more like mental meltdown!😟xx

Praying you will find a clear head to pick your way through this medical maze to the best destination for your health. Good luck.

Sending you hugs xx though not sure about emojis on laptop.Anita

I hope things will be better for you soon. Your consultant seems to be good at guiding you through your decisions etc. Good luck and all best wishes.

hope your feeling better soon

Take your time Aingefull and concentrate on enjoying time albeit virtually with Dee,you are both having to cope with anxiety and ill health and nothing can really be ventured into until the Nhs starts firing on all four cylinders again.

Love Ski's and Scruff's x

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Aingeful in reply to skischool

Thanks Skis, these are my thoughts exactly. I wish my consultant would say that but in our "cover your back" society he's not going to!! X

sending lots of good wishes to you and Dee

Hi Aingeful

Sometimes it’s rheumatologists who see vasculitis patients so that could be why you have an appointment. Vasculitis uk have an excellent website and have a very good helpline if you want to talk to someone about this. They are also on HealthUnlocked. I can’t say the meds are great but they are necessary. However I think you need a definite diagnosis before embarking on them. I’m here if you want any help. 🤗🤗🤗. Xx

Thinking of you and sending huge virtual hugs .

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