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Crazy 😜 Moon 🌑 🤧 Flu Pox Making Rounds

Some crazy 😜 MOON 🌑 Pox moon bugs going round ... except t it’s not 1969

Don’t think anyone as told #BenchillBoris AT least I have excuse Lund Diease & Weak Immunity.

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I can just about cope with planet earth JAS, let alone the moon.

Wishing you well. Xxx 🤣😆😱

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Hi Sassy am just about coping with earth 🌏 germs too

Flu 🤧 if that’s what experts want to call it nearly wiped household out

Never known like Of it befoure AND still waiting for flu jab that always seems to get later

O and Nora Virus is sweeping through schools SO guess we will all catch that of carers JUST in time for Xmas

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sassy59 in reply to

That’s not good. Flu jabs need to be done sooner rather than later so it’s a shame you’ve not had yours yet.

Thinking of you and your family and hoping none of you get Norovirus.

Take care xxxxxx

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Defo agree about flu 🤧 why not done end September I don’t know why AS Holiday session is time more germs are spread

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Oshgosh in reply to

Feel lucky.had my flu vaccination 6 weeks ago.

Sorry to know you didn’t get your flu vaccine yet. I hope you and your dad stay as well as can be. And let’s hope we all can avoid the dreaded norovirus 🤞

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Hi hungryhuff am at docs to try get it tomorrow NORA VIRUS be iceing on cake really lol

Hi Jeff, try and get your flu jab done at boots, it's still free and could probably fit you in straight away, worth a try x

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Hi Shirley Went doc’s and have to wait till 3rd December.

What a joke gps are our days and don’t know when dad will get he’s

Think I will be at chemist before then.

Hubby and I are still waiting for the nurse to come and do ours. Although being housebound does mean less likelihood of catching flu on the fly so to speak. I just hope the Tesco delivery chappie doesn't pass it on to us.

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Hi poemsgalore1 I thought that too WE catched ours of dad’s carers

Wipped through house like dose of salts AND that was with us all on antibiotics.

If not been on antibiotics defo would been pneumonia as kept trying to get on chest.

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You can't trust anyone to keep their flu to themselves Jeff. I hope you get rid of it quickly.

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