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Cloves v Antibiotics

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Well finished curses of antibiotics that helped stop viral ithroat nfection turning lung bacterial.

Infection is still on chest I can not shift

So I thought I would try cloves black seed’s

See if that can ease throat pain and clear chest.

Had seven seeds in cup hot water and necked it once cooled down.

Guess time will tell if worked cures my chest congestion.

Story of cloves is quite a interesting one.

17 Replies
sassy59 profile image

Good luck JAS but watch out for the side effects. Feel better soon. Xxxx

in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy days getting excited are well over think .. am sure in

Moderation and like I said in post how I take them will hardly do me any harm.

Do agree this quite bucket side effects

Do think major side effects from consentrated clover oil

heatt profile image

Good luck, please let us know how you get on.

in reply to heatt

Hi heatt cheers yer all defo let all know how I get on

HungryHufflepuff profile image

I didn’t know about those side effects. Although I do know it acts as a numbing agent because when I have toothache I often keep a whole clove against the tooth that’s hurting. I sometimes make a concoction including cloves to help my breathing, it makes me feel like I’m breathing deeper. I guess like anything else if you consume too much it’s bad. I hope it helps you Jeff 👍

in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Hi Hungeryhufflepuff defo right about moderation over consumption STUFF the willies made of when watch video.

But I felt numbing effect on breathing felt relaxed 😌 anyway am not going to get excited 😜 just thought give em trial MIGHT have other blast tomorrow AS survived

Ergendl profile image

When I have a sore tooth I dab a bit of clove oil on the gum to deaden it until I can see a dentist.

in reply to Ergendl

I used some that years ago and to be honest was waste time.

Some blue line tide in bow 🎁 I found more useful

katieoxo60 profile image

Hi Jeff, interesting to know Cloves clear the congestion. My Great Grandson has a throat and foot infection taking antibiotics. Fingers crossed I don't get it too been sneezing this morning and most of the family have a winter bug. Hope you feel better soon.

in reply to katieoxo60

Hi Katie bug I had was no simple bug and flu jab did nothing to help

Black Death 💀 with shits comes to mind.

Everyone as it up north and the not impressed:(

katieoxo60 profile image
katieoxo60 in reply to

Hi Jeff sounds a bit like nora virus you had. A freind of ours has had Guilliane Barres infection which is quite serious too. Been in hospital over Christmas. Antibiotics can make you feel worse if it gives you the runs too. Hope things are calming down for you now . and this year is better than last .

in reply to katieoxo60

Hi Katie would agree antibiotics’s make it worse NEVER knew could get Guilliane Barres infection.

Anyway I hope am over worse of it but defo get second third winds.

katieoxo60 profile image
katieoxo60 in reply to

Stay well & warm best wishes

SquirrelsHolt profile image

Good afternoon's your "clove" treatment going one day later? I'm curious to know if you think it's done you any good?

in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Hi SquirrelHolt am not quite sure really been unwell WELL wasted guess that might be cloves cleansing toxins AS had shits

So the good laxative AND chest is not quite as bad.

Jury is still out ... but don’t think am up for other dose WELL not quite yet

SquirrelsHolt profile image

Oh dear,poor you....there's nothing worse than feeling unwell and then to cap it all,the bottom falls out,if you get my drift!

Dont take anymore at least until you feel like it won't go straight through you eh? Fingers and legs crossed that your dear Dad hasn't got same bug!

in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Dad’s been better than me Spo2 wise ... defo puts my condition into perspective

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