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My GP has finally referred me to respiratory doctors ASAP due to some aspirated food that has been causing me problems for three months. It’s moving from my lungs to trachea and getting stuck in my larynx.

I need to push for the docs to do a Bronchoscopy to get it out (if they believe a mortal human like me).

Can I ask your experiences of this please? Would they do flexible or under GA? I have an arrhythmia and I am terrified of something going wrong.

Thank you x

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I don’t know, but am glad something is finally being done for you. Thinking of you and sending all best wishes.

Thanks so much HungryHufflepuff, I really appreciate it x

I don’t think at this stage that you should push for a bronchoscopy. They should be looking for it on a ct scan first and then maybe getting it out with a bronchoscope. Simply poking around in there with a bronchoscope is not wise and can do damage. Also, they are not very nice. If they know where the substance is before they go in it should only need one targeted placement to withdraw it.

I hope that it all gets resolved successfully for you.

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Thank you. I think I’m just so fed up of it that I want it out ASAP. Almost feel a ct scan is a bit pointless because I know it will show up and it’s just prolonging things. Also it’s not set in one place it keeps moving around. Perhaps I’m just being impatient. Thanks for your support x

Ps I also have squelching today at the bottom left side of my chest when I cough - very strange!

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Hopefully you will now be in the hands of the experts. They will have done this many times so best to let them decide how best to locate and extricate it. Thinking about you.xx

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Thanks so much Littlepom xx

I'm with LP on this. When I had my Valves Procedure with a Bronchoscopy , They did explain how it can damage the lining if I where to cough, so I was heavily sedated. It was amazing, took 33 minutes and I felt great afterwards. Sorry you are having this problem, I do hope your Consultant finds the Best procedure to Locate the food Trapped. Keep us updated Hun. Love Carolina xxxxx

Thanks so much Carolina. This is reassuring xx

Hello Jellybelly

I didn't need food removed from my lungs but I did have a camera in there. Before the procedure I was terrified. However the consultant was really good. Lots of sedation (I was away with the faries) and his reassuring manner. It was much easier than I thought it would be. The only bit I didn't like was the anaesthetic spray up my nose and in my throat because that stung a bit. Obviously only for seconds until it started to work.

The whole procedure was over in minutes.

Tell the people doing this how you feel. They know what they're doing and can help you through your worries.

Thanks so much xx

I would think with GA, your out quick and awake before you know it. Good luck I hope they get this cleared up for you asap.

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Thank you xx

At last - good news x

You have a great reply from littlepom which sums it up for me. Do please let the experts decide the best course for you. The anaesthetists will give you best care I’m sure.

Good luck meantime and try not to worry, easier said than done I know.

Good wishes.

Thanks so much xx

Thank you everyone for your continued support and a very happy Christmas to you. I am still feeling rubbish and the food is still there, but I’m going to try and enjoy the festive period as best as possible. I hope you all have a lovely break xx

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