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Worried about test results

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Hi everyone I had a CT scan on 3rd of Dec,my doctor phoned me said I needed to see a specialist usually in the nxt 2weeks.Today someone phoned and said I've got an appointment to see the respiratory specialist on 8th Jan I asked what about,she said to go over your scan results anyone else had this I'm so scared I've got COPD diagnosed 4 years ago now doctor said I've got lung nodules .

11 Replies
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Good luck and I hope it’s not too serious

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P.S. It may be benign cysts that I have on my lungs

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Please don't think the worst. Many people have nodules which are benign but they just need to be checked out. Possibly they measure them to they can assess as you go along if they've grown.

It's only natural to worry but I hope you sleep tonight. I've got some in my nasal passages. I'm sure you'll have more encouraging replies in the morning. P

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Hi Lizadam .

So natural to be worried. I think if you have nodules, they'd want to update you. I know it's futile to say don't worry, and being human we always expect the worse. But please know there are so many reasons why they may want to see you in that day, not least of all, that's where the doctor may have an opening. Please let us know how things go.

Warm wishes,

Cas xx 🌿🌷🌿

It’s normal to be worrying but at least you are being seen quickly. I have had nodules in the past that went by themselves, hopefully yours will do the same. Keep us posted.

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Hi Liz and welcome.

Nodules are found in high percentage (40% ish) of middle aged/elderly people having CT scans, particularly since the introduction of now near universal HD imaging.

It's even higher in (ex)smokers, like 55%.

If the nodules are small, to ensure they are not cancerous, they sequence scans (after circa 3months, 6 months, a year, then finally at 3 years ) to establish if any growth.

No growth = not cancerous.

It'd be a good consultant that warned us before hand that this result is more likely than not, IMO... But some would say why worry the c.50% of people in whom they are not detected...

Good luck.. try not to worry.

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Nothing I can add to the above. Try not to worry too much (I know, that's easy to say, but of course not a great deal of comfort). I hope its nothing serious and that you can still enjoy your Christmas. Big hugs and all best wishes 😘😘😘😘😘

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Thank you all for your comments I've calmed down a little now no point freaking out till the 8th,am relieved to know nodules can be quite common, am only 43 got diagnosed copd at 39 I find my doctor surgery and copd nurse useless,no help at all understanding what's wrong my copd nurse actually said she really excited to find out what my test results are, glad you are love😬 Merry Christmas to you all 😁

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Went to see specialist I have 7-9nodules on both lungs have to wait a week to find out next step can that many nodules be removed ?

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I don’t know the answer to your question but just wanted to send you best wishes.

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Still waiting was told doctor would phone me last Monday it's now Thursday.😢

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