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Hi everyone. Here again to look for some opinions.. my father who is a stage 3 lung cancer patient, had 6 cycles chemo, no radiation since his specialist did not recommended it. He is undersurveillance via ct scan every 3 months. Because of his scheduled ct scan the doctor saw a pneumonia consolidation. He was given home.meds but after 3 days we were admitted because of shortness of breath. He is also PTB +1 positive. The dr stopped the ptb meds because he developed mild rashes which can be subsided by anti histamine. The dr said to make sure she will stopped all the tb meds until rashes are clear.then the tb meds will be reintroduce to his body one by one just like what they use in pediatric patients so that dose can also be adjusted. He seems ok but i am scared because i know pneumonia is fatal and so as TB. Thanks and wishing everyone a good health.

8 Replies
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Sorry to hear your Dad has had such a lot to put up with. At least the Dr seems to be taking things in hand. I had a nasty Pneumonia last year and with kind help from these folks am here to tell the tale. It is a slow recovery but most important is not to expect too much too soon. The body needs TLC and sounds like your Dad is a lucky man to have you. also TB treatment is more advanced now. Wishing you both well

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PerfectBlue in reply to shouty

Thank you shouty, your pneumonia journey gave us (me and the whole family) courage and motivation. Mabuhay! Thanks!!

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shouty in reply to PerfectBlue

That's the spirit 😁

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PerfectBlue, I had pneumonia and empyema (infected fluid) in the summer. It was successfully treated. I am also on TB meds and similar to your Dad, had to stop them (due to side effects) and they are now being gradually introduced.

TB is a curable disease. There is extensive experience amongst doctors in treating pneumonia - mine was severe, but I am fine now. Breathing back to normal. There is still some fluid left which will hopefully disappear but isn’t affecting my daily living.

I am OK and I send best wishes to you and your Dad.

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PerfectBlue in reply to Soul01

Thank you for sharing soul01, we are now in the process of reintroduction of TB meds. Iozoniazid first... hoping for the better! Thank you and take care

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So sorry to hear about your Dad. It must be a huge worry. Don't forget to look after yourself too.

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PerfectBlue in reply to stamford1234

Thank you for your kindness. Praying for your great health

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stamford1234 in reply to PerfectBlue

Thanks PB, you can't beat a few prayers x

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