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How much should I be doing?

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Hi I was admitted to hospital 5 weeks ago where they found I had pneumonia in both lungs, I stayed in for just under 2 weeks.I was so poorly with it 111 had sent me out an ambulance who took me to hospital.

I am asthmatic and so this asberated it.I was signed off originally for 3 weeks from work to then be assessed on my last week which yesterday I was told I still was not fit for work so signed off a further 2 weeks in the meantime. What I want to know is how much should I expect to be doing at this point?Im definetly seeing slow progress as I’ve been able to get out for walks this week just want to feel normal again!

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Pneumonia takes quite a while to fully recover from you can only go by your own strength health and docs guidance hope your well soon xx

Thank you I just can’t help but worry am I doing too much too little so hard to tell!

It takes ages to get over pneumonia. I had it in 2015 and it was 6 months before I felt more like yourself. The important thing is that you listen to your body and don’t try to do too much before you are ready. Be kind to yourself, eat well, slowly build up your exercise/walking/ activities and don’t go back to work until you are sure that you can cope. The danger is that in the desire to get back to normal we do too much and the infection gets a grip again.

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Thank you! It’s crazy isn’t it one day I start to think I feeling much better then the next I find it such a struggle to get moving! Thanx again for your comment.

I do hope you feel better soon and I just wanted to echo what others have said. After hospitalisation in a similar situation to you, I was not myself for several months. Pneumonia knocks you for six so don’t underestimate the work your body is doing to recover. Be kind to yourself and very best wishes.

It really does doesn’t it! One minute I start to think I’m doing great then the next take a step back.Just so frustrating isn’t it but yes I definitely need to be kind to myself! Did it take you months to return to work?

Dear Running

A couple of useful links on recovery for you:

Very well explained.

Take good care of yourself.

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Lovely! Thank you!

in reply to Running1237

You are very welcome.

Hi Running1237, I think the important thing is to take it easy and just look after yourself with good food and plenty of sleep, exercise as much as you body wants to and dont overdue things, work can wait. Irene x

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Lovely thank you!

I had bilateral pneumonia and it took fully six months to recover. Please take your time, gentle exercise and plenty of rest.

Wow you poor thing crazy how it’s such a long recovery isn’t it! We’re you off work for the full 6months then?

I perhaps pushed to hard to recover. Normally with a chest infection you take your antibiotics and it's all done and dusted within a few weeks. With pneumonia there is a great amount of inflammation and your lungs can take a long time to recover. There was a lady on the forum last year with a similar story to yours and she could not understand why 12weeks later she was still having problems. The affects of pneumonia can linger for months. Doctors are not so quick to sign sick notes now so they must feel you need the time to recover. Listen to them!

I had pneumonia and empyema. I share your frustration as it was the same for me in the first few months where I felt things were improving and then was hit by a rough day. It teallly does get better and those rough days occur less often. My advice: don’t overdo things when you feel good, pace yourself, get some fresh air and don’t be tough on yourself!

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Great thank you! So hard to judge it isn’t it! Thank you for your advice x

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I had to have a surgical procedure to remove remaining infected fluid so had that to recover from too. It is fantastic when you start to feel normal and can do basic things such as walk upstairs without feeling breathless!

Hi Running1237 , Like you I had bilateral pneumonia five weeks ago and actually I feel worse this time than when I was in ICU with bilateral pneumonia and respiritory arrest

two years ago. My commonsense tells me that each time the lungs take a hammering and maybe don't ever recover to their previous state, but I think I'd have been more reassured if I'd had an xray before leaving hospital. Where I lived previously if ever I'd been in Hospital one of the group of COPD nurses would have come every other day for a fortnight to check me. I saw my oxygen nurse every four months. Now, I appreciate it's a big area here but I see the oxygen nurse every year and no COPD nurses. So I've seen no-one since I came home and I know my overnight oxygen is too low but I'm not allowed to change it till I see someone. A lot can change in twelve months I do think that's too long between appointments. Sheila x

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Wow you have really had a rough ride haven’t you too poor thing! So sorry to hear this! I’m due for a second chest X-ray in 2 weeks times and further respiratory appointments really hoping my lungs will be clear! Thank you for your comment x

My pneumonia began at the end of April. I suffer with mild asthma so not as badly as you. I still feel tired now at times. I’ve just been for a heart echograph today as my bloods showed something wrong. They as thinking my pneumonia was caused by Mould spores. I think maybe from emptying out some ochid compost into a bag and then putting it on the garden. It’s going to take a while before you feel back to where you were.

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So Sorry to hear this hope you get a speedy recovery sad that you have gone onto progress to more problems as if pneumonia wasn’t enough! Ok thank you lovely x

Hi Running1237, Slow progress is very good progress. Keep going and you’ll be surprised how much more you can achieve in a couple of weeks. I shouldn’t rush getting back to work though, wait until you feel you can cope both mentally and physically. Good luck. Joy.

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Thank you.So hard to know much time I’ll be taking off work but I guess I just go with each week at a time.x

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