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Hi, it's a Saturday (ofcourse) feeling breathless yesterday and today, been taking salbutomol as needed but still breathless. peak flow is down to 210 from 250 (norm) and SpO2 is down to 88 resting from 91 (norm). do you think I should start prednisolene today or wait until surgery opens on monday? I feel fine, no cough or tempeture. I don;t want to end up in hospital again but equally really nervous about prednisolene as only completed a course 4 weeks ago. Any thoughts anyone please, I know your not nurses but sometimes you just cant see the wood for the trees by yourself :) I will get a written plan on Monday though regardless!

4 Replies

I've just started my 11th box of prednisone Jinty and that was on in two month continuous consultant completely different attitude and tactics of my last lung Dr..aww well I'm sure he knows what he's doing

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Yes, start the Preds. It is possible to get inflammation of the airways without having an infection. I had this happen a few weeks ago and prescribed a course of Preds. You will still need to see your GP though your sats are rather too low.

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Phone Respiritory Nurse first they are on call all Weekend..Good Luck. xxx

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Thank you all, I spoke to respiratory nurse and taking the pred's and snoonzed all evening -so hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day = thank you all

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