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COPD/Clot on Lung

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In Spain planning to stay for 3 months but 3 weeks ago my COPD flared up and I was administered to hospital for 2 nights but 3 weeks later I had a very serious turn and ended up in another hospital but this doctor was convinced there was something else wrong and diagnosed a clot on my right lung.

I feel extremely lucky that she did not go for the COPD but is there anyone on this site who has or had the same problem and how did it work out. I am quite concerned so any info would be appriciated

5 Replies
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I think you've been very fortunate to have been diagnosed and not just treated for your COPD. I haven't personally had a clot on the lung but my best friend has, She was in hospital a while and had to have Warfarin for about six months after but she's fine now. I'm sure someone will be along soon with more help than I can give. Sheila x

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I had a clot in my lung a few years ago and am still on warfarin as they couldn't find the reason for it

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Will57 in reply to kathbrad3

Did your breathing get better

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kathbrad3 in reply to Will57

No can't say that it did

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I had a CT scan with contrast (they inject something before the scan to show up any clots etc.) It showed old or resolving clots and I have been on blood thinner ever since.

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