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COPD and Depression

I have been diagnosed with COPD for just over 12 years and have been on the rehab course 3 times. It's always helped me to feel more positive. If you get the opportunity I would definitely recommend it. However I'm now at end stage. Very depressed. I expected to be dead by now. Quality of life is poor. Even struggling to use my stairlift as don't have the strength to press the button. I thank God for my 2 beautiful dogs and all of you for helping me not to give up. Love Patsy XXXXX

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So very sorry to hear how distressed you feel at the moment.

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Thank you Annie 31 x

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Clicked the button before I'd finished! Lol! I'm so glad your dogs give you so much pleasure! As a fellow sufferer of depression and anxiety I know I feel it all very difficult to handle all this, but admire the positivity you have shown to get this far with this illness. I often feel like giving up and then feel ashamed when I read a post like yours. I only hope I can keep my chin up like you have! Every good wish x

Sorry to see your feeling so low, Patsyanne.

I have no wise words to say but, I just wanted you to know that I feel for you.

I hope you get some help with the depression. xx

Take care Patsy the better weather is coming I don’t care what anyone says you don’t have to be out side and the difference is felt in our breathing I know mine is

I wish you well and hope you have lots of love and care around you xx

Sorry for your pain-i am new on here so dont know your situation-and hope you have people popping in to see you?

Janzo 🌹

Feel for you Patsyann but so pleased you are a member of HU and feel supported by everyone. Take care dear lady. Xxxxx


You must talk to your GP. You don't have to live with depression as well -- there are happy pills out there for folk like us. One a day makes life so much easier to deal with!!

Meanwhile -- be as strong as you like; cry when you want to and do whatever you can and want to do.


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Hey Catnip, what happy pills can I get? I'm on Sertreline but they don't seem to be helping. I'm also on prednisolone 10mg daily. When I was getting exacerbations every week I was taking lots of them and ended up feeling suicidal and referred to the mental health team. They really helped me, but I am feeling a bit apprehensive.


I was given mine by a GP and they suited me from the start. I don't care if they are addictive. However, I do try to keep myself less fed up by going to a couple of craft groups. I go to a gym a couple of times a week -- exercise really does lift the spirits. I have a little spell of colouring in (childish but it diverts the mind) and I read a lot... is there anything here that would help you??

I suppose I should say that I'm at "end stage" emphysema, so some of this is actually hard work!


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