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Sleep Apnoea

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I have a "sleep apnea machine" does anyone know if coming off it after being on it for a along time can result in your blood pressure going up ?

I’ve been on cpap machine now for four years and resently stopped for one month. But I found my heart rate and blood pressure has gone up has anyone else experienced the same from coming off cpap machine.

10/07/2018 Recently edited to make it easier to understand sorry for not explaining in more detail.

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Hello Donkster .

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Do you mean does having sleep apnea for a long time result in high blood pressure? Sorry if I got that wrong.

Cas xx 🌞

Sorry , come off what?

Are you speaking of a Cpap machine you use as you sleep with your sleep apnea? If you have a Cpap machine, I would use it. Until, you have a sleep test that says you do not need the Cpap anymore. Sleep apnea can cause many, many serious health issues, and they are learning more about it each day.

Was that what you were wondering?? I see Cas tried to help you.

P.S. yes, having sleep apnea and not using your machine as you sleep, can and does raise blood pressures in many people.


Hi I had sleep apnoea for quite a time. After going to the Resp nurse and following breathing exercises and having a Huff clearing the chest at night. In addition making the pillows higher, I have not had any further problems. BLF give lots of advice on breathing exercises and clearing the chest, as well as having a good nights sleep. May be a visit to the GP may help as well.


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Donkster in reply to donut43

Thank you Dan


Awaiting my test results for sleep apnea

Hi Donkster. Unless you’ve been told otherwise you should continue using your C Pap machine. My Husband had it so long before going to see someone that it weakened his heart. When he had lost some weight they told him he could come off it but when he tried it he still had the same problem so he continued using it.

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Donkster in reply to Mavary

Thank you for all your reply’s you mentioned you’re husbands heart was weakened. I also have STV heart troubles needing an ablation to put it right I wonder if cpap sleep apnea started it off?

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Mavary in reply to Donkster

If you’re stopping breathing a lot during the night which is what sleep apnoea is it can put a strain on and weaken your heart. That’s why it’s important if you’ve not been told to stop the C Pap to carry on. My Husband was so much better with it.

Check you do not have Cushings, a disease not many people know about. Moon face, sleep apnoea and other symptoms. Very easy to cure with a small operation. ~Friend was diagnosed and he is free of the machine, he has lost weight and his face is back to normal shape!

Be careful if you stop using it if you are a driver you could lose your license .

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea now for 4 years now and have always used it. I was diagnosed some 3 years after having a heart attack (followed by triple bypass) and 16 years from being diagnosed with Diabetes. One or other could have been caused by undiagnosed Sleep Apnea, I was infamous for my snoring!

I have had problems with high blood pressure over the years and this has been put down to both minor heart failure (caused by heart attack) and diabetes Insulin (dependent). I am slightly overweight.

My blood pressure is now within range and this is a result of drug dose changes.

I have a BPAP machine which has now given a further benefit. I have been diagnosed with Asbestosis and using the machine reduces the chest pain to virtually nil during my sleep.

I would stick with the machine

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Donkster in reply to Bumley

Thank you for your advice Bumley it’s got to be that way I suppose I’m only 58 and still a wipper snapper. I guess it’s wishful thinking I could come off cpap

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Bumley in reply to Donkster

I am 72 now and not so much of a wipper snapper now! I am of the opinion theres not much point in coming off now whilst I am used to it now. I still have apneas recorded but nowhere near as many before I started and unfortunately no one to moan about my snoring as a warning!

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Donkster in reply to Bumley

I tried to come off but I’m told I need it so I’ve excepted it but I have got cross with it a few times,,,,,, part of life now when I did come off up went the bp

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Bumley in reply to Donkster

I can second that emotion, have been cross with mine a few times. Now with the pain relief I have learnt to live with it. Good Luck

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Donkster in reply to Bumley

Mine found it’s way over the over side of the room one night really glad it didn’t break that won’t happen again bahhhhh we are all pretty much the same

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Bumley in reply to Donkster

Happened to me once, woke up from a dream (you could say a nightmare). Had jumped out of bed with my face mask still on, dragging my BPAP complete with half full humidifier across the bed! Minor spillage fortunately but some state of confusion! Only incident of any note, other than taking off the mask during the night unconsciously and not putting it back on.

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