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Have people struggled to give up smoking

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I can't believe I'm stupid enough to still be sneaking the odd cigarette, I have tried and tried to quit. I know I am pathetic and it's killing me but the compulsion is overwhelming on times. I do really well for around 20 hrs then disaster. How did others stop ?

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I went cold turkey, not for everyone.

If your are really struggling, you could consider e-cigs with low nicotine content.

You are neither stupid, nor pathetic. Nicotine is a very powerful thing and if you've been smoking for a long time, chances are it won't be easy. Some people can go cold turkey......I couldn't. I used an e-cig and started on a reasonably high nicotine content, and worked my way down the strengths. This way proved good at avoiding the withdrawal symptoms, and was approved by my GP and consultant. There are other ways of attaining your goal, and I'm sure that other members will be along soon to give you the benefit of their advice and experience.

Good luck with it, and stop beating yourself up. It's not easy.


I'm on day 24 cigarette free it's not easy, I'm using a 21mg 24 hour nicotine patch at the moment and they are helping me a lot, I'm also eating a digestive biscuit whenever I get a craving lol. Good luck I'm sure you will find a way that works for yourself.

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mrsmummy in reply to insanemoose

I used the patches too. It worked for me. Good luck with them and stay strong. :)

We're all different and what works for one might not work for another. My local pharmacy ran stop smoking clinics where I went once a week for 12 weeks. I got the opportunity to try different methods, patches (didn't suit me - skin was sensitive to the sticky stuff on them), then I tried and succeeded with the nicotine spray. It took some getting used to initially because the minty flavour was very strong but it worked almost instantly. I think my gp surgery ran a similar scheme but at the time I was working and couldn't go on the day they held the clinic. The pharmacy allowed me to go at a time that didn't interfere with work. Why not investigate and see what help is available local to you. It is hard but you can do it if you stick with it. Good luck :) x

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Lolly2 in reply to Jaynair

One piece of advice I was given......You have to want to quit more than you want to smoke, then you will find a way!

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Lolly2 in reply to Lolly2

PS........I am on oxygen 24/7 and it's not a load of fun!

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Loraine121 in reply to Lolly2

Hi lolly2, I can sympathise with you there, I am the same 24 /7 oxygen trying to get around the house with cable dragging behind me , I'm only 46 years old. .

What you said is so true you have want to stop smoking.

My problem was i didn't to stop and everytime I tried it failed and i started to smoke again even though I couldn't breath, some times i would light them but could take a breath to smoke the cigarette but I kept trying to do it.

Until I finally decide that I wanted to stop not because I was told to was when I finally managed to stop, but I can breath now and im still alive .

I smoked like a chimney for moree years than I care to remember my daughter to me to the quit clinic you can still see the skid mark's in the road from my shoes.

I used champix you take it at night and continue to smoke around 11 days I didn't want to smoke you continue to take the medication for about 2 weeks after your last cigarette this is important.

That was 11 years ago and I'm pleased I did or i would of been replying to you wearing a oxygen mask

I weaned gradually over a 6 month period==1 less cig per day per week==Long haul but pretty painless and not all that awful anxiety that fills you with fear and drives you back--I don't recommend it for everyone--but it worked for me--you cannot cheat--when you are done for the day you are done--You are conscious of every cigarette and drag--Its amazing when you get down to one a day-AND you are there .It took me months-Be patient with yourself----you can go by drags--you are doing 1 whole one now? next week smoke less of it--etc--when you get to half start counting drags--sounds dumb but you will be accomplishing something--and heading towards your goal-that's what I did when I got to one--id take 2 drags and butt it and save for later--Eventually I threw it.and thought what a buncha shit...-xxx MmeT

e cig and telling myself it was that or nothing. Good luck love x

e-cigs repeat of 50s hype==be careful Mmet

I did it with patches. Was monitored by a no smoking nurse. Luckily I managed not to have another cigarette after putting on the first patch. Six months later diagnosed with COPD, I had already guessed something was wrong with my breathing. maybe you should try some nicotine replacement products. Good luck Joyce

wow joyce--my story not much different--I have congestive heart failure and a-fib--im on O2 24/7--All started with a little short of breath--I quit but to late--It was 6 mos before dxed too--I just keep fighting for air thinking it was part of quit--...lung function tests were fine---I forgot heart-I was starting to do it while still smoking too--I had to sit down to smoke--coulodnt walk around with a smoke-With heart disease your heart either gets big and kinda floppy or small and tight --so it cant pump oxygenated blood throughout your body--that causes shoetness of breath--weakness and extreme fatigue--No blood effects kidneys and liquid pools around your heart--in your lungs,in feet and legs---Here I sit with 30 ft of tubing hooked to my nose so I can move around the house--well Im sorry for us and many others--My hope is the people who read this realize this drug is a killer--literally and put up with a little discomfort to have a long life with some quality to it--Mine has turned upside down and I don't know from day to day how ill be but I know ill get worse and it is terrifying---this goes for vaping too--NICOTINE WILL KILL YOU!!!---Mmet

the heart pumps 100 gallons of blood a day--what an efficient machine--don't wreck it

Yes we do seem alike. I am sat on the end of my single bed in the front room. Only been home since 10 Jan after my hip op and dose of pneumonia. I too on the oxygen and now walking indoors with a frame find the line cumbersome and it takes me ages to do the simplest things. Have an appointment at chest clinic tomorrow will be taken in a wheelchair. Our 2 daughters who live nearby are fantastic collecting washing shopping and cooking meals. Hope the spring will see us all start to feel better.

you are lucky to have help=-=--On my own pretty much==I get so scared---hugs MmeT

I feel very sorry for anyone living alone with lung conditions. My husband has taken over the household jobs for now. He's asked me how to load the washing machine (married 55yrs) I hope you have a lot of friends for support. You are a gutsy lady and hope you feel better soon x

I have a small circle of close friends but pretty much on my own---im not gutsy--I have no choice--at this point---It is my heart that is screwed up ,you are lucky--cant imagine---Mmet

I am lucky. My echo cardiogram indicated both heart chambers working well. Hope you get the best treatment to help you improve x

having that Thursday--ive had before and no blockages but they want to see if my heart is squeezing harder so oxygenated blood gets to all of my body--which it hasn't been--seeing lung dr too--breathing tests fine a year ago--I don't think I have copd---just the heart failure and a-fib...MmeT

Went cold turkey along with a jar of old cig butts topped with a little water.

When I had an urge to smoke I would open the jar, take in the awful smell and told myself in no uncertain terms this is what I was doing to myself and my lungs. Difficult, but gave up and never looked back. I always associate smoking with that awful smell now.

Good luck. JP

Hi there is a very good site on here called 'Quit' they will help you with giving up. x

I smoked for 40 +years and and for the last 5 years i was realy heave smoker like 4 50g puches a week up till 2 years ago so i know how hard it is to stop now i might smoke at the most 3 fags a day on a bad one .but most of the time 0 to 1 a day but i do smoke ecig which have helped me a lot you are the only one that can do it no one els can help you only you like you said you can stop for 20 hours then for that 4 hours use a ecig and keep it in your hand all the time with a cupper as they do have the nicotine in them and in stead of looking how much left just look at the smoke as it is the same as a fag but if you like me it has only worked on the tobaco flaver not the flaver one like mint choclet ect give it a go what you got to lose

I went cold turkey about 6 years ago after 17 years of smoking. Used the kojak method a.k.a. Lollipops. Worked for me when i got a craving, just made sure they were sugar free as if not i would of been toothless lol.

It took me three years to stop.I stopped and started constantly and my partner also smoked which made it very difficult.We both managed to stop by using Champix tablets prescribed by my gp, it's the only thing that worked for me.Hope this helps and truly hope you can stop very soon.Take care.

Yes, I too, felt so stupid for smoking when my lungs were so bad......I think all us smokers have felt those feelings. But don't give up! I tried everything. The patches were good but my insurance did not cover them, unfortunately. I tried cutting down so at least it helped me not smoke so much, like butting the cig after a few drags, etc.

I tried and tried, then used Chantix. Years ago the Chantix worked. The 2nd time it gave bad nightmares, vivid dreams, just made me feel ugly. But now they did something to it and I did not get that. BUT......it takes longer to kick in and for the brain receptors to turn around. I had to take it 12 weeks before the craving started to go away. Years ago, it only took a couple days.

Also, because of this, you must take it for 6 months. But it worked. And, I didn't really have to cut down or wean myself. It just happened. It was a slow process but worked. Good luck on your quit. It has been 1 year now for me! I feel so so good about quitting.........

Its hard work and if you do find the answer let me know

Patches and counselling worked after 50 years of compulsive smoking. It wasn't easy but I knew I had to and, seven years on, it's the best thing I ever did. Keep trying and good luck.

Giving up smoking was very difficult for me to do because I enjoyed it I was so sick I've got to the point where I didn't want to live anymore it was too difficult to breathe or do anything after many days in the hospital and some anxiety medicine I was finally able to quit now I try to make mylungs better some days are better then others I finally got babtized as I felt I was broken spiritually I pray every night and day for healing I am afraid of the damage the drugs are causing. I am not healed but am feeling better I try to do more natural things like NAC drinking a tablespoon of Bragg's vinegar in a warm glass of water I use a "Expand a Lung which is used by Navy seals to improve lung function and if the weather ever improves I will try walking. I stay away from smoke of any kind and people who are sick. When I feel I am getting I'll my doctor tells me to stay away from hospital S and stores that is how sick I have been haven't been to a hospital for over a year now so something must be working A year ago they wanted me to be on hospice I refused. I count my blessings as I am sure God has givene the strength to pull through. Whenever I want to smoke I remember how close I came to death and I haven't even taken a puff. Good luck to you. Jane

Another vote for ecigs. Get a reasonable one, mine is a kangertech and cost around £20. Also you need a decent amount of nicotine, that is the addictive bit, it's the other stuff in the ciggy that kills you. Another powerful help is when you stop smoking you soon realise how horrible smokers smell.

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Loraine121 in reply to Inamoment

That's true my daughter came to see me yesterday and immediately I could smell the smoke, yet I smoked for years before I managed to stop.

Its not easy to stop smoking, but there a group here quit support. You would get a lot more good advice and support there.

I went cold turkey but would not have succeeded had my partner not been with me 24/7 making sure I did not smoke and helping me keep occupied. I think once you can manage a day without you can tell yourself if you can do one day you can do another. Best of luck

Hi, it's really difficult to stop smoking , I tried for years but I kept starting again and I was in and out of hospital but I still kept smoking, I went for acupuncture, hypnotherapy and tried almost everything on the market over the years but I really didn't want to stop even though it was making me worse but I eventually stopped using nicorette quick mist spray and my mum has been stopped a few months now she went to a smoking sensation nurse and used champex tablets i dont think that is how you spell it ,but different things work for different people and some times it take several attempt but hang in there,

I used to make all sorts of excuses for smoking, some people can just stop my partner did without any problems and no substitute.

We are all different good luck i hope you do manage the first few weeks are the worse I found .when I did finally stop I didnt tell anyone that I was going to, as there is nothing worse than them getting on at you if you don't. since I always used to start again i thought by not telling anyone that I would get a hard time if I didn't stop smoking. It all seems silly now , but eveything dose once you succeed.

Best of luck, you can only try .

Loraine x

Hi Joobie666, don't be hard on yourself but keep trying. I used patches and attended a NHS quit group. But there are lots more things available now like ecigs, inhalers , chewing gum, mints ect. Try all till you find the best for you, their are some things the GP can prescribe too. I've been off cigs for around 12years now but it took three attempts. best wishes you will get there .

I stopped cold turkey a year ago after smoking for 30 years. I had an exacerbation of my undiagnosed COPD at the time and it frightened the life out of me. Even after the year I still crave for the odd cigarette, especially after meals etc. If cold turkey is not for you then I would recommend that you try valine, as it's helped countless others. Good luck with the fight. Ian

That's supposed to say vaping (damm auto correct)

I read a book 13 years ago and stopped as soon as I finished reading it. Before that I had patches, hypnotherapy 3 times and gum but nothing worked. Someone told me about this book so I bought it for £5.99. Can't even stand near anyone who smokes. The book is called " The easy way to stop smoking " by Allen Carr. No withdrawal symptoms.

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olivemgreen in reply to kiracleo

I did the same

50 years a dedicated smoker. I ate them. The nurse at my local surgery got me on Zyban and that was that - smoke free without any withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Not for everyone but a miracle for me. I'd been in hospital with double pneumonia and the first thing I did on getting out was light up so my husband said - can't repeat it, and then talked some sense into me. Went for help and got it in spades. Never wanted another when I had completed the course - I could feel it happening, and as time drew nearer to stop, I did not want one. Good luck with whatever choice you make. You will never regret it, and neither will your body:-)


Joobie 666

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Moyz in reply to Moyz

I sent a mwssage in reply to your post but I sent it to the wrong person , don't know if you can retreave it , it was a long message so can't go into it again to tiring but I hope you find it. It was from moyz

If you do the weaning thing NEVER lose site of your goal --Yiou will get a wonderful prize--health,wisdom.inner strength and courage--MmeT

60+ years a dedicated smoker then like diesel and Petermeachem I quit overnight with an e-cig - that was over 7 years ago. No withdrawal symptoms or cravings because I'm still getting the nicotine; what I'm not getting is the tar and carcinogens in tobacco smoke, which is what kills you.

I tried numerous ways including cutting back a little each day but found my whole day was consumed watching the clock to see when I could have the next one, so it was never out of my mind. I finally just said that was it and went cold turkey (which I thought I could never do) and then realized I was no longer thinking about smoking as I just resolved to not smoke again.

I know it won't work for everyone, and I didn't think it would work for me either, but it was the only thing that worked.

For me it was simple,I saw my grandsons photo on the day he was born and wondered if I would see him grow up,from 60 a day to zero.Joobie,please try find something outside yourself to help you say enough is enough.

You are not pathetic in any way, you have an addiction.Your not a bad person because of this.It took me three years to quite and my health has suffered, I remember crying about smoking while still smoking a cigarette my wife also smoked which made it twice as hard as when I wanted to stop she didn't and vice Versa.We both stopped two months ago now using Champix tablets from the doctor this is the only thing that helped me, I tried patches and chewing gum but just didn't work for me but everyone's different.I urge you to think about yourself and stop punishing yourself, you can do it I promise you that, it helped me to not think I'm never going to smoke again, I tried to think I'm not going to smoke today and now two months in I'm still smoke free.There are smoking cessation classes available through the pharmacy and doctors which lets you get support to stop in a group environment which may help also.Good luck to you and I'm sure you'll get there.All the best.

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