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I am Marie, had a good life no problems except for cough each winter. Now I know why, I had whooping cough as a baby. Now at 80 years of age, they tell me it's Bronchiectasis. Have had 3 hospital stays, but now seam to get the hang of it. If in doubt see the Dr. I have had 3 more, but able to cope at home. It does take it out of you. My brain goes a bit, too. Which is not good. But I'm still here.

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Welcome Marie, glad to see you on HU and hope you can stay as well as possible. Best wishes to you. Xxxxx

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Marie22 in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy,I've been here a few years, but just got round to writing xxx

Hi Marie you seem positive and are coping well. It would be good for you to maintain any social contacts that you have. Being socially isolated is not good physically or mentally

Take care


nice to see you posting Marie , glad you managed to stay out of hospital like you say its always best to see the doctor as soon as you think something isn't right , take care

Marie, I think it's fantastic that you've got to this age with only three hospital stays. Bronchiectasis can take it out of you, you're right but you seem to be coping really well. I've had Bronchiectasis for about 40 years and have a lot of exacerbations. Unfortunately, IVs are needed at least once a year and that means minimum, 14 days in hospital. I 'm in Ireland and it's not possible to have home IVs unless you have Cystic Fibrosis. Hope you get through this cold spell without catching any nasty bugs.

It is so unfair Billiejean that you can't do IVs unless you have cf. I just can't understand it. It does seem to vary wherever you live. At the hospital I attend you have to stay in for IVs if you are under a general respiratory consultant but if you are under the care of the cf/bronchiectasis service consultants, then if you are willing and able you can do them yourelf at home. A cf nurse will come half way through and weigh you, take bloods, bp, do spirometry. The first 2 doses have to be given at the hospital. It is so much better.

I hope they do allow you to do them sometime in the future.

love cx

So do I C but I fear it won't happen any time soon. Hope you are keeping well.

Welcome Marie - great to see you posting at last. You sound to be doing great and I guess your positive attitude goes a long way towards that being the case.

Post again soon.

love cx

Thanks for your welcome, I have problems with logging in, I do forget, which password to use, and when I think I've got it right they say l've got it wrong eeeeee. I have only just in the last couple of years been diagnosed with this Bronchiectasis. All the years I've had this terrible cough, It was marvelose, not to cough, for a few months.

Love to you all Marie xx

I've got bronchiectasis too, diagnosed last summer. I've had a cough for a good few years but bronch wasn't picked up on until I insisted on seeing a consultant. Like you, I have had some hospital admissions but now seem to cope much better. Pulmonary Rehab was a great help.

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Marie22 in reply to MoyB

Hello MoyB

Nice to hear from you., it was on the third hospital admin in 2014 that they gave me a cat scan, and found Bronchiectasis, I had lots of X-rays over the years before, but evidently, it doesn't show up, on X-rays. I also have been to rehab, found it very good. I now try and do a bit at home. I can do whatever I need to do, just takes more time, and a rest in-between. I keep a log on my iPad to take to the Dr, because my memory can't be relied upon. He can see what I've been up to. Ha ha

Keep well Marie22

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MoyB in reply to Marie22

Wow - keeping a log - great idea! If you are able to keep up some exercise that's a really good thing. Like you, I can do most of what I need to do but I am slower and also need to rest. The morning shower takes a bit of recovery time but then I'm fine again after a sit down and get my breath back.

All the best!


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