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Merry Christmas to you all Peeps

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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy healthier easy breathing new year.

Thank-you everybody for your continuing brilliant support for supplying the laughs , good reads and the wealth of information that is shared and helps us so much get through.

Thanks BLF /Health unlocked tis a great forum for all us lungies.

Enjoy your day everybody dont get to full up you know how it can have an effect :D

See you all soon .

Blessings and healing energy.

Remembering our friends who now look down upon us.

With Love to you all

:) :) :)


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((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) and merry Christmas, just fighting the turkey, have an idea it's winning x x x

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longlungs in reply to medow

Hi Medow I've only just noticed that my reply to you has floated away god knows where? Did you win the battle with Turkey ?? We are just about to have cold cuts and salady bits really looking forward to it. Do hope you have had a good day today? Keepwell and blessings to you. With love Janexxx

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medow in reply to longlungs

Won by two falls and a submission with the Turkey

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medow in reply to medow

Jane I left you a long reply and it seems to have gone missing ! x c

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longlungs in reply to medow

Its all very strange Medow coz my reply to you I cant see but Wendells has coz she referred to it,dodododooo!!! :O hows your day been ? We came back from my daughters today am still wearing all clothes and dressing gown as the gas had gone so the house was freeeeezing my typing finger has frost bite :P Have had the best time everyone happy children well behaved until i wind them up and get them all excited but thats nannies for you lol looking forward to my own bed now tonight mmm! Blessings to you medow :) Janexx

Thank you Jane, that is a lovely message, and I trust you are continuing to enjoy yourself, and are having a relaxing and fun time.

hugs from Huggs xx :)

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longlungs in reply to huggs

Hi Huggs glad all is well with you and that you managed a good sleep that was very needed and makes such a difference . My day has been brilliant and have laughed so much I hurt. My dog is a nightmare though my daughters front tooth fell out then my Bailey got to it before she could and chewed it to pieces !!! So is gonna be a very expensive fix now! Good job we all have a sense of humour :P

I hope your having a lovely day and at your friends enjoying yourself. Blessings :) janexx

What a beautiful post - well said Jane and Merry Xmas :D

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longlungs in reply to

Thank-you Eyes Iam very glad I found my way here has helped me in so many ways.

Today has been brilliant here at my daughters much laughter. Hope your day has been good too. Keepwell blessings to you :) Janexxx

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lovely to hear you had a great day - pretty darn good here too :)

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Hi eyes hope your still having a good time ?Ive had another lovely day and we have now come home my daughter and son in law made christmas very special for us all.Iam a lucky mum. Blessings :) Janexx

in reply to longlungs

that is so lovely to hear :) :) :)

Yes it is a brilliant site and you can get some valuable advice from it too Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you xx

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longlungs in reply to bikergrove

Hope you've had a lovely day Bikergrove thank-you for your reply.Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Breath easy . Blessings to you :). Janexxx

Hi Jane good to hear you have had a good Christmas with lots of laughs as well. That's what makes the world go round. xx

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longlungs in reply to

Sorry coughalot got in a bit of a pickle with replies etc am now back home so hopefully I shall sort myself out now.Hows the tooth? when you use the salt water use quite a lot of salt but try not to swallow .What have you been up to today ? Blessings Janexx

Thanks Jane, great post and yes a good time to remember those who are no longer with us.

Tony xxx

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longlungs in reply to dall05

Yes sadly there have been quite a few.Do hope your having a great time over the olidays.I havnt laughed so much in a long time,very therapeutic. Blessings :) Janexx

So glad you had a great day.We always have a smile at your great posts! Do. Hope 2015. is kind to you,

With a big hug to you xxx

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longlungs in reply to

Hi Wendells thank-you me darling how kind of you.

The same back you could do with a long burst of only good things coming your way after what you have been through.Ireally do wish this for you and your Harry. Healing energy and blessings to you both :) Janexx

Hello Jane,I think this time of year just brings it home to us how lucky we are to have each other on this site.As we all care we all benefit,just a pity it does,nt extend to the wider community.All the very best to you and your family for the New Year.D.

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medow in reply to FarmerD

Hi farmer ! How you doing ? Not seen you on here for a while, hope your ok x x x

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FarmerD in reply to medow

Hi Medow,I,m good thanks.Struggling a bit with not being able to go out in the cold weather so not exercising as much as I,d like and eating too much.Roll on the new year and a bit of a diet and another PR course I hope.Here,s hoping you are happy and healthy.Regards D.

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longlungs in reply to FarmerD

Hi Farmer D sorry for the delay but got in a bit of a pickle at my daughters only had my mobile with me and I struggle with the smallness of the phone and typing.

Yes you are so very right,daft isnt it as its much easier to be kind and friendly with people.Oh well life is like a box of chocolates they say and it is.

I do hope your Christmas is going well for you and yours?

:) Blessings to you Janexx

Hi Jane pleased you had a good Christmas I had a wonderful surprize on Christmas eve my daughter, son in-law and granddaughter turned up. My son in-law is a chef he cooked dinner it was delicious I'm no Jamie Oliver so it was so nice to have dinner cooked for me while I spent time with my 10 month old granddaughter.

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longlungs in reply to onamission

Hi onamission how wonderful was that for you and what a bonus having a chef for a son in law,food always taste good when somebody else has cooked for you its such a treat,my daughter has become very confident in the kitchen which is fantastic she has grown loads in that area we have had loads of tasty morsels the past few days arnt we lucky.Ahhh 10 mths is a lovely age they are on the move and beginning to jabber,hard work mind ! Enjoy every second.Keepwell now blessings to you :) Janexx

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