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Morning mist in the forest

Autumnal morning 🧡💛

The Needles

Taken at Milford on sea 🌊

ive started again 😂😂

ok who wants this one when finished

The Monarch


The view tonight

sat with my jd watching the cruise ship saying goodbye to rhodes

and on tonight's menu we have

penne pasta with creamy mushroom sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. With...

today as been exhausting

i want to thank everyone today was exhausting with the pulmonologist but comin...

advice please coping with relative with severe emphysema

Hi my mum has sever emphysema, she lives alone at home and is really struggling....

tonight total shock

tonight the little church across from me had a mini procession.

Hi everyone re boosters

Hello all, I am trying to cope with side effects of another different COVID inje...


for the past few I've been struggling more than normal not with the pain but wi...

New Nebuliser

I rang MEDIQUIP to get new mask etc for my nebuliser. They rang me back to say ...

Hello lovely lung/bronch people, how do you feel just before a flare?….

Think this may be mostly relevant to Bronchiecatasis people (especially anyone w...


hi everyone just wanted to say hi and to let you know I'm still ticking I'm jus...

Lepe Beach ⛱️

This morning ❤🧡

thunderstorm is over and up goes the temperature

after an on and off thunderstorm for most of the day the temperature is increa...

Bugger lugs himself 🖤

All groomed and smelling beautiful 😍

Is steroid induced prediabetes harder to reverse?

Morning friends. Lovely autumn day here in Kent. I have the above, also family...

Moving in Day Next Thursday

Good morning Friends. I hope you are all keeping as well as possible. I think...

Have I been misdiagnosed?

Now, funny things have been happening at our surgery lately. Following a recent...

This is when i know summers over when the panage season starts and the oinkers are out on the forest 💚💙💜

Panage Time again 😊

Not there yet but trying

this hopefully is just the start , be realistic in our expectations and I'm slow...

The birds

Flocks of birds flying home for the evening


Hello everyone, has any one tried trelegy, 3 in one for C O P D, been offered it...

Stallions drive home 🖤

Sunday evening pony drift stallions being driven home till next years mating sea...


My friends may remember that in June 2021 I went to have a pacemaker inserted. ...

A poem for the Queen - OUTSIDE IN

This morning I misread a newspaper headline which I thought read: “Queen’s cof...

Diagnosed with Lower lobe bronchiectasis as an 18 year old. Currently infected with pseudomonas. Any tips?

I got bronchiectasis on both lower lobes by a serious pneumonia in childhood. I ...

Stunning creature

So close to this amazing beast 💜💜

6th COVID & Flue Jab next saturday

Next saturday Im having my 6th Covid Jab & at the same time having my flu jab Mu...
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