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Can bronchitis make you feel absolutely wretched?

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Hi all,

I had a bad cold all week that suddenly took a turn for the worse and I am completely miserable unable to get out of bed with a bad wet cough, headache, exhaustion, back pains, chills, and just a terrible sense of malaise.

I don’t have a fever but I am miserable. I haven’t been this sick since I had covid (and I had the first variant and was super sick for a month).

I’m nervous it could be pneumonia though it doesn’t seem like it yet since my temp is normal.

But I’ve never been this sick with bronchitis.

Any thoughts / experience with this?

Thanks so much!!

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Contact your GP. If it is bronchitis a course on antibiotics will clear it up nicely

Bronchitis is miserable. I agree with Troilus, seek treatment from your GP and if you can't get a same day appointment tomorrow, telephone 111. You'll want to start antibiotics before, rather than after the weekend.Keep warm, drink plenty of fluids and paracetamol for aches/pains/temperature.

Take care and I hope that you make a full and speedy recovery.

Thanks you two. I actually realized since posting this that it’s the flu! It hit so hard and fast I was thinking it was related to the cold I had but I am now having every flu symptom known to man in every part of my body. Oy! Will try to see the GP tmro. Thanks for your insight

Have you tested for covid again?

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hilary39 in reply to stones93

We had negative tests today. We’ll take them again tmro just to be sure. Thanks!

I too agree you need to see your GP. I would not base anything on if you have a fever or not. I thought I had a bad case of the flu and because I didn't have a fever it couldn't be something more serious. I ended up with pneumonia in all four quadrants of my lungs and ended up in hospital for 10 days on intravenous antibiotics. Take good care. 😊

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hilary39 in reply to Achoo84

Oh you poor thing! That sounds horrific. I think it must be the flu because my husband has come down with it too. At least we can be miserable together! :) but I will remember that for the future about the fact that pneumonia can feel like the flu, thanks!

I agree with Troilus, see a gp asap or a walk in clinic at your local hospital. I've had dozens of bronchitis without fever plus several bouts of pneumonia all making me feel extremely wretched. Of course its Friday a walk in clinic over the weekend if you can get someone to listen to your chest this pm. Don't hang about, lungs are precious

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