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Oral thrush with steroid inhaler

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Despite rinsing with salt water after steroid inhaler I suffer oral thrush . I’ve heard probiotics and live yoghurt can help oral thrush.

Any ideas on the best products out there.

Thanks for all your help.

19 Replies
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Luckily I don’t suffer from oral thrush, so can’t really advise on the probiotic front, however do you use a spacer? That can really drop occurrences of oral thrush for some people. Other things that I’ve heard that helps is rinse after use, then drink something.

Hope these help and that someone else may have an answer for you!

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happyvaccine in reply to EmmaF91

Hi many thanks got your help.Unfortunately despite spacer and rinsing I still suffer ☹️

trying to avoid prescription treatment x

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elanaoali in reply to happyvaccine

Do you also brush your teeth? (I used fostair nexthaler) I rinse and brush which is keeping my mouth healthy

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SFExpat in reply to EmmaF91

I get oral thrush easily as well, I eat Activia Gut Health yogurts regularly and it really helps!

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In spite of spacer I am still also prone. Several months ago I decided to start rinsing with salt water, and while it still was dodgy I also brushed my oral cavity with my toothbrush between rinses. Slowly, slowly it improved and mostly I am now clear of it. Just now it has come back a little as I have been on a course of oral steroids, but I am expecting it to go.

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happyvaccine in reply to Wheezycat

Thanks so much for advice

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Probiotics will help rebalance your microbe bihome but while doing that avoid sugar and milk as the bad fungus causing the thrush will just feed off the sugars, including those in milk. But don't overwhelm the system with probiotics, gently does it, over time. Kefir is a good source. But if you're looking to purchase a prebiotic product, ensure there are high number of different microbes, the more the better.

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happyvaccine in reply to Poobah

Helpful many thanks

I find a fifty/fifty mix of cider vinegar and honey, helps with my "fostair throat" Even rinsing with water leaves a harsh throat, so when it sets in, I gargle my mixture and get a fair relief from that. I figure the honey soothes and the cider vinegar kills bugs/fungus. Doesn't taste nice but works for me. (Spit out after gargling of course).

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I tend to get a flare up of oral thrush once or twice a year. I'm on fostair 200 and use a spacer and rinse well afterwards. A few months ago I started using a mouthwash, Listerine cool mint, and touch wood haven't had a flare up since.

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Rinsing is not enough - you have to gargle once and then swallow twice after you've rinsed your mouth. You can just gargle with water, although Listerine or something like that might be more effective.

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happyvaccine in reply to ChrissieMons

Thanks 👍

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Many thanks for all your helpful comments .. hopefully I will be able to stop suffering from thrush now🤞

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I've tried everything to no avail... Then my Asthma nurse offered me Trelegy Ellipta and all is well. Check it out! I've had Asthma ever since I can remember and been ill several times but do not wheeze. I get around quite a bit but the Asthma is always there lurking.

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happyvaccine in reply to davidcantswim

Will do many thanks for advice 😊

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Hi there, I see someone mentioned gargling with Listerine - just be careful with that as you don’t want to kill off the good bacteria in your mouth with its antibacterial properties. (I had a bad bout of oral thrush and hoarseness last year after I was advised to gargle with Listerine.) Something I have been trialing and seems like it may help is to gargle with diluted natural yogurt BEFORE using my inhaler. (As well as gargling with water and then diluted yogurt, rinsing my mouth, brushing my teeth afterwards) My thinking is to sort of line the back of the mouth and tongue with the yogurt with the hope that that may stop the steroid from being absorbed. I’ve been doing this since using a course of Daktarin gel and I haven’t had any recurrence of symptoms so far, but it’s only been about two weeks. Just thought I’d mention it here as it may help you or somebody else.

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happyvaccine in reply to fostairex

Thanks for your advice.. I’ll try this x

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fostairex in reply to happyvaccine

You’re welcome! Will be interested to hear if you think it helps! :)

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Probiotics will help

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