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Winter Cold Steriods Advice

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Morning! Happy 2019 everyone!

So I’ve been struggling with breathlessness and a really tight chest since Thursday (also been randomly sneezing and coughing) so popped to the doctors yesterday. Turns out I have caught the winter cold going round and needed some steroids 40mg x 5 days. (Already feeling heeps better!!! And even got a good nights sleep last night)

When I’ve been on prednisone in the past I’ve hated them because I can never seem to get my asthma back under control after coming off them but I’m not sure if that’s because previously my preventer inhalers weren’t doing the job? I’m hoping this time will be different.

What’s everyone else’s take on steroids? Do you find your asthma returns back to how it was when you come off them? Or do you always need a change around of inhalers?

I’m just hoping when I finish them on Friday I’m all back to my normal self (never need to use ventolin just my seretide 250 2puffs twice a day!)

Open to any advice/experiences please 😊

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Sorry to hear you aren’t well.

When I been on steroids, and I don’t feel better by the end of the course; I’ve not always had my inhalers changed. But had longer courses of steroids or an increase of my inhaler dose. It can take awhile to find the right combination.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks so much Lotti_321-! I’m hoping after this burst of steroids I’ll feel a bit on the brighter side! It’s manily the breathlessness I struggle with. If I don’t feel better after the course is finished I’ll make sure to go back to the doctors for an asthma check up/review

Sounds exactly what I’ve got. I’m on day two of steroids 40mg- no sleep and felt hot but breathing slightly better. Think it’s been a bad week for chests!

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myendojourney in reply to Lizzog

I’m on day two Lizzog! Wishing you lots of well wishes! I’m hoping after these 5 days my asthma will have settled and back to normal 🤞🏻

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Lizzog in reply to myendojourney

How are you doing today? I’m still very wheezy and tired towards lunchtime. Slept yesterday afternoon and felt loads better so going to try that tactic today too!

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myendojourney in reply to Lizzog

Hey! I’m pretty much the same as you, although no wheezing more out of breath. The steroids are working but they’re sending my moods a bit all over the place and I do feel super tired. My cough is a lot looser? Which I’m guessing is a good thing?

Fingers crossed with plenty of sleep we’ll get there!

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Lizzog in reply to myendojourney

Yes I feel breathless which seemed to be better yesterday but has now resurfaced. Not coughing up as much either now. Yes lots of sleep seems to help!!

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myendojourney in reply to Lizzog

I agree! Yesterday the breathlessness had gone. It’s an odd one! I find with asthma you never quite know if you’re better until you’re off these pesky pills! They like to deceive you!

Hi Lizzog ! How are you feeling? Any improvements?

The Steroid tablets are meant to help open the air and help inhalers and are given for flare ups (I only ever need for infections thankfully).

Sometimes you need to get more than one course but don't expect to immediately go back to normal after finish because you will still have infection affecting you just need to think am I feeling better than before I started the tablets. If yes you continue ventolin and when infection is gone you review are you still needing to use the ventolin a lot? It may be a gradual decrease.

I have been ill since 5/12/18, I handed in a sputum sample on 10th got 2ventolin inhalers and Prednisolone inhalers and started prednisolone on 11th by 13th Paramedics called and nebulised then 14th sputum results came back I had a bacterial infection resistant to certain antibiotics and GP sent me to A&E with a letter thankfully they sent me home with antibiotics and another course prednisolone and having nebulised me. 21/12 finished antibiotics and 22/12 finished prednisolone (had been on 12days in total).

I had to reorder ventolin this week so from 10/12/18 to 3/12/19 I used 2 ventolin inhalers 120 doses plus what I had left from previous inhaler 20puffs..

I saw GP on 2/1/19 who said run down and if still feel bad in 2 weeks to come back (2 weeks from that appointment will be 6 weeks since infection started).

I am still bringing up blood everyday and voice hoarse/croaky and muscles sore but my chest has much improved at this point (the hospital changed me from Seretde (been on 10years max dose) to Duoresp Spiramax) with my new inhaler and ventolin and needing ventolin less now.

My point you have to wait till illness eases and goes before judging how much ventolin you are using.

Ps still coughing but it asthma cough now and phlegm but that is asta colour not infection colour

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