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diagnosed 4 years ago. misdiagnosed 6 years ago. NEW TO THIS FORUM. Most pulmonologists know of HP but don't really KNOW HP. Misdiagnosis is abundant.. I lived in Arizona so I was misdiagnosed with a usual local issue called Valley Fever, which I did not have. Treated 2 years for the wrong thing, I chose to go across the country to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where NO snap decisions were made based on where I lived. After open lung biopsy I have chronic, idiopathic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. If you are not seeing a highly trained specialist, you are making a huge mistake.

I take 3000 mg of CellCept / Mycophenolate daily which is the max. 15 MG Prednisone, assorted puffers and pills all from Mayo recommendation.

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What are the symptoms and how does it differ from asthma?

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look up hypersensitivity pneumonitis,. Tons of info. To much for this venue

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Is it this, C0life18?


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Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

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