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Anyone else get swollen left side of torso and mucus from that side only, especially at night time?

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I've had asthma for years but awhile ago my GP at the time stopped all my medication after I experienced a period where my heart beat increased for no reason. After this I never was prescribed a complete dose of medication again and developed more breathing symptoms like shortness of breath, especially at night times.

Another strange symptom is the muscles around upper left side of my abdomen "swell" up regularly which feels like my ribs pushing outwards, this adds to my breathing problems making me shorter of breath and then when I cough it brings up mucus but only feels like it's coming from that one side. Appreciate this isn't asthma specific but wondered if anyone experienced similar things and it's linked to my untreated asthma?

I have a ventolin evohaler which I take and it eases the breathing, but doesn't fully relieve it so i'm less uncomfortable but not in pain anymore.

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I think you definitely need a proper check up at the doctors.

It would probably be helpful to take a video on your phone if the issues with the swelling so they can see it.

If you are experiencing problems with breathing every day, or even several times a week, I think you should probably have a preventer inhaler again.

I've found the asthma UK nurses really helpful on the phone line.

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Hi Ann. I have a left/right situation which is not exactly like yours. My asthma is nighttime only. The wheezing and clicking wakens me and my partner in equal measure. But only when lying in my left side (less so on my back). If I turn on my right side the symptoms disappear! My consultant, GP and asthma nurse dont seem interested in this at all. I wonder if anyone else gets this situation?

I hope your L/R situation is improving.

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