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Spiriva Respimat Inhaler - Like the Krypton Factor!

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I've been taking Spiriva for the last 7-8 months and it has helped control my asthma. At first I used the delivery mechanism that looks like a little UFO. You put the capsules in and it pierces them. The capsules tend to disintegrate before you get them in the mechanism but this was nothing compared to the problems I've experienced with the one I have now.

My new prescription gave me the one in the attached photo. It took two, reasonably intelligent, adults to work out how to use it. It requires a twisting action and "pat your head while rubbing your tummy" type coordination to operate. I'm a fit (apart form asthma) woman with no arthritis or other mobility problems. I wonder how someone very elderly or weakened by COPD or asthma can deal with this unfriendly mechanism.

I'm never entirely convinced I've had a dose and it makes me cough as it comes out at speed.

It's great that asthma drugs are coming out that help but pharmaceutical companies, please remember that people, often in poor health, have to use them. Makes me nostalgic for my old 1970s Spinhaler.

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JennyA in reply to PMRPete

Thanks for sharing that. I still don't get it though. When I twist it, the drug puffs out. The button on the side is stuck. The way she is using it would be impossible with my one. My fiance reckons I have a dud.

I have the egg shaped version of the Spiriva inhaler. I've had no problem with it. I think it's good that I can tell that I've had a dose. With the Symbicort, especially when near the end, sometimes I wonder if I am getting anything. I've heard that the other version of Spiriva is more complicated. I hope you managed to figure it out.

Hi Jenny73,

Inhalers can be a tricky business! If you haven't already, do go and speak to your asthma nurse or pharmacist to check inhaler technique or give the Asthma UK nurses helpline a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and they'll be able to talk you through it.

Take care,


Also when I load the drug it has a tendency to go off prematurely,

I agree with your comments, I had the spiriva inhaler with capsules and yes, they do fracture before use but it's also difficult to get them out of the foil packet, especially first thing in the morning when you're in a rush and have countless other meds to take. I now have a cheaper version called"braitus" and thankfully, whilst capsules still brittle they do come in a pot.

You are right about it being a challenge from the Krypton Factor! That made me chuckle. The first time I used it, it took me and the pharamacist ages to work out how to use it. I also used to choke and gag (and vomit!), when I first used it, but I soon got used to it alll, and I find it easy to use now, love the fact it has a counter, and no longer choke on it. Hope you find it easier to use soon.

I also had to ask pharmacist how to work it. It took him about quarter of a hour to work it out.

Oh I remember my spinhaler by intal compound. My asthma was never like it is now and wish they still did the compound one.

I've started on spiriva respimat and I notice when you take your mouth away powder comes out and I've tried nipping the nose and holding my breath but it's exactly as you say no thought about other conditions and I've got arthritis in several joints, likely from years on steroids. I cough too but I'm coughing badly at this time and nothing helps except Dihydrocodeine which I'm prescribed for arthritis and helps reduce coughing. Apparently the other spiriva with the capsule is only for COPD and not asthma, the respimat is for asthma.

Good luck and best wishes xx


My doctor gave me the Braltus version of tiotropium with a zonda inhaler and that's pretty easy.


Hope that's helpful.


I had a prob.with the plastic inhaler that delivers the dose, as far as I can see you twist the body of the inhaler as instructed with the flap on the top closed,open the flap place inhaler in your mouth & then press dark grey button & breath in the solution, you then close the flap & do it all again to get second dose ,close flat until the next time.

Hi JennyA,

I have just been told i need to use Spiriva Respimat but with the aero chamber as i cant inhale much but i am terrified of side effects. Can you please tell me what to expect from taking this inhaler please as im building myself up into a real panic. Thanks

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JennyA in reply to Mandie4711

Hi ya I'm much more used to it now. The one thing I've noticed is that my voice is very gravelly but it seems to be helping my asthma. Good luck. xx

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Mandie4711 in reply to JennyA

Thanks jennyA,

I have now received my inhalers and plucking up the courage to try it today. I’ve been given Spiriva Respimat and Salamol fingers crossed I do it correctly and no nasty side effects. Knowing me though once I’ve taken it I will be waiting for anything strange to happen where as I should just get on with the day and stop worrying. Is it correct that it’s best to rinse your mouth out after using this. Thanks

Hi Jenny,

I took my first dose of Spiriva respimat yesterday and it made me feel really bad. Breathless and terrible headache but i think i had built myself up into a anxiety attack. Today i took it again and the breathing was a bit better but i still got the headache. I asked my dr and she said this inhaler doesn't cause headaches. No wonder i don't have much faith in some Doctors. Anyway im going to keep using this for a week see how things go but i just wondered if the side effects will disappear or am i stuck with them forever.



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