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I was going to tell a friend t...

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I was going to tell a friend this but I don't want to be judged so I will say it here because I know I won't be judged.

So the thing is I've been having these thoughts on my mind lately about my social anxiety and how much it affects me. I've been bringing myself down because of these thoughts and the thoughts are that I won't be able to get a job, I won't be able to sort my wedding out, I won't be able to raise a child/children because of how my anxiety makes me I'm also a naturally clumsy person so anxiety just adds to that. Im 18 and I can't even talk to people what makes me think I'm ready for all those things in the future. I won't ever amount to anything I'm just dumb and afraid.😢😢 I see people who are smart and clever and hard working and I wish I could be like that but no I have to be stupid and afraid.😢😢

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I'm so sorry but anxiety is our brain telling us stupid shit that isn't true and you are no exception. We have trained our brain to do that to us so through therapy we can train our brain to go back. Your not stupid and you've got all those things under control. Slow down and prioritize. Do you have a wedding coming up? If not then focus on more pressing issues.

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