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Youth With Diabetes
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Fight with Diabetes

Hey All.. I am vini 23 year old . I am a diabetic. Got diagnose my diabetes before 1 and half year ago.. I take Human Mixtard insulin twice a day Morning and Night (Before Meal) 25 unit & 15 unit respectively..

My problem is i m very fond of ice creams so its hard to control all this. So yesterday Night i had 2 ice cream (Containing Sugar) and then half "laddu" (Kind of sweet) and then one banana and in dinner i had curry and rice with 15 unit of insulin. and then i slept. in the morning about 7:00 Am i felt i am sweating and anxiety too.. In my head it was like "I had a lot sweets last night so sugar must be high' And then i tested my sugar and it was "79". How is this possible ? And i got checked my glucometer it is still working properly. So can i consider my body has started generate insulin..?? and in future I will be fine I wont even need to take insulin?? Is it possible ?? Please reply soon. i am waiting :)

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Hi Vini yesterday i got tested for diabetes the results come out saying glucose 18.1.What must i eat or i am in danger.


Every diabetic person seems to get at the point where he doesn't need to take. Medicine but it's just a phase where his beta cells try their best and let go (deactivate them selfs) 

But it's okay.... After some time you are gonna need your meds again... This what happened with me.. 

If you do yoga. Pranayama and other excersize u won't be needing g any medicines in future and you can enjoy ice creams... 

But at any point dont get to Oral meds I read that they put pancreas at more work that leads to beta cells death... Stay on insulin.. People with insulin healthy diet and perfect routine lives longer than people taking orals... 

Best luck...