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Introduce yourself to the community!

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We’re excited about what you can go on to do for those affected by scoliosis. We hope you are too. Write something today about your experience and you’ll be starting your own online movement. And get inspiration from Nick York, another advocate in HealthUnlocked here

Great to have you here ;)

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Hello, I'm on here because my husband has been diagnosed with scoliosis. He has suffered with his back for about 4/5 years and has had previously physio, osteopathic treatments and massage to no avail. The doctor finally took him seriously and he has now seen a neurologist and been diagnosed. At the moment he is on pain management relief but month by month the pain is increasing. He is experiencing numbness and tingling in his feet and also weakness in his legs. He does his physio exercises every day and also has 1/2hr on the exercise bike. The neuro surgeon says that he could operate to straighten the spine but that that might cause more pain. Don't know what the next step could be and would welcome any suggestions. He is 72.

Hello, I'm Hannah and I'm 17, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12 and saw a speacilist at 14, being that it went from a curve of 20-27, I believe.

I suffered from migraines, horrible neck and back pain, and an inability to carry heavy weight without tipping.

I manage it with Physiotherapy and at 1 point I tried working out and lifting weights but it made my curve worse, I stopped once my endometriosis acted up and my spine straightened out so it's barely noticeable even when I bend but my left rib sticks out slightly.