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Red & itchy hands

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Hello everyone,

This is not a Women's health topic...can anyone give any tips due to all the recent hand washing/santizing? Help with red & itchy hands...apart from the obvious moisturise! Thank you!

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I think one of the first things to rule out is a contact/allergic dermatitis. My partner can't use Tesco own brand blue soap, as he's allergic to something in it, that isn't in e.g. carex. You might find it gets better if you switch products up.

Someone in the thyroid group recommended B12 cream to me, she was using it for dermatitis on her hands and said it had healed them. I swear it was like a miracle for my legs too. They hadn't responded to steroids/moisturisers either, after a year of trying everything. My eczema healed in about 10 days on the B12 cream.

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Which B12 cream do you use? and where do you get it? Thanks

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I bought Life-flo B12 cream via eBay. There's quite a few brands or other places that sell this one too.

It's bright pink, just as a heads up, but it blends in fairly well!

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Thanks will investigate!

Thank you, I will give that a try 😊

Ouch! I don't have a huge problem (as long as I moisturise regularly) but I'm told the carex hand gel is better on sensitive skin. And I'm going to check out the B12 hand cream recommended as my dad and husband have very dry skin.

I was using the carex hand gel and have changed as I wasn't sure if that was causing the problem but going to try B12 cream to see if that makes a difference 😅

I have heard and witnessed that castor oil used on skin is natural and healing. I know someone who has red and itchy hands and other areas of skin, and he has had a wonderful result from the oil. The nice thing is that its natural too.

Hey, where will I be able to buy this from? Holland & Barrett or chemist? Thanks

You can get it at any pharmacy and even buy it online, like Amazon

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