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Blood results

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Receptionist had told me some results cam back as low but GP said no action required. I am 71 - very bad sleep patterns and breathless when walking up even a small incline. Any advice appreciated.

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Your GP is the best person to interpret this, the person who knows your medical history and what is normal for you personally..If symptoms continue to cause you concern, go back and discuss it..

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Cassandra in reply to wobblybee

Thanks - we are having problems getting to speak to a GP via phone at the minute but the fact that she has put on it no action required that things are okay

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to Cassandra

I know it’s far from easy getting a GP appointment.. I needed help on New Years Day and there was only a recorded message. I ended up at a Walk-in Clinic.

In what way are some of these results ok?! No wonder you're breathless. I think you need some iron prescribed.

Are you on any other medication? Are you diagnosed with any thyroid condition?

If you post these results and your symptoms on the Thyroid UK section on HealthUnlocked you'll get excellent advice on iron etc, I'd strongly advise you do, even if you aren't a thyroid patient. Or maybe your thyroid levels should be checked too. Ask that on your TUK post as well.

Hi TaraI am under active thyroid - tests at same time as blood results were fine - I can’t understand blood levels as my diet etc is good but it’s proving very difficult to get speaking to a doctor - I asked in a few chemists but they are unwilling to say anything other than it’s for your GP to discuss. Thanks for your advice

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