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cut in vaginal opening

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So I think I have like a cut in the vaginal opening only like a paper cut small one. However I’ve only noticed it today as it’s been stinging while weeing and wiping, plus it’s also been very itchy only in the area of the cut. I haven’t had any sexual activity for 4 days nor shaven so I’m kinda confused how it got there. I’ve been reading a heard yeast infection can cause paper cut like sores however haven’t had any other symptoms for yeast infection. Should I just clean it with warm water daily and let it be to heal ?

Update: me and my partner Been together for 6 months and he hasn’t experienced anything like sores or anything along the lines of herpes. I haven’t ruled it out but I’m thinking of going to see a sexual health clinic when they all are up and running after Christmas.

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The best advice is to have a medical opinion on this. In the meantime don’t use soap or anything perfumed in the area. It is likely linked to Thrush or similar.. This could go away of its own accord, if it persists definitely see your doctor.

As it’s over Christmas all sexual health clinics are shut and my doctors are 100 miles from me and I don’t got back there for another 4 days. I don’t know if to call them up and see what they say and get me in as soon as I’m up there or just wait it out and if it happens again go again

The herpes virus can present as papercut type sores in that area. If you have it swabbed while it's there they will be able to tell you if it's that or not.

Yes I’ve been looking all night of this and this is the first time having something like this, I’ve messaged my partner and he hasn’t experienced any sore or anything and haven’t been told by parents having it from birth or such. But of course not ruling it out but don’t have any access to a doctor for 4 days at least. Im just hoping it’s BV or yeast infection

I really hope you get to the bottom of it soon. My initial reaction to the herpes virus was quite bad (14 years ago) which is how I know I have it but most people who have it don't know as they experience very minor or no symptoms at all. Good luck.

Sometimes this type of issue are commonly arises in women life. My small suggestion is seek doctor advice and don't applying any artificial cream.

Hello my dear, first lve heard from ladybitsandbobs so thank you for your post. We'll l also have this problem which l believe to be is excacibaated, made worse by Hydroxy. Having said that l also have to be extremely careful about the loo paper l use as again this can make the delicate skin in this area even more tender and prone to small tears.🤐 Adiewon

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