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I keep getting reoccurring boils/cyst around my groin area. They normally burst however this one has grown. Any other suggestions rather than taking a trip to the doctors?

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It’s possible that these are caused by in growing hair follicles, or naturally occurring skin bacteria, but you won’t know for certain until you get a doctor’s opinion. Keep the area clean, but don’t use soap.

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Weelon in reply to wobblybee

Hi wobblybee I don’t have any hair where they are. Ive purchased surgical spirits if that fails I’ll have to take a trip to the doctors. It doesn’t help with my low immune system. Thanks.

Hi Weelon, I've suffered with this since I hit puberty. These blasted boils will appear anywhere on my vagina. It's so painful sometimes that I'm struggling to stand, walk or sit down. I'm just at my wits ends as what to do. The only thing that makes it just about bearable is the cream I use for my eczema. This is called Diprobase and I put about 1/4 inch thick on and although my period stopped over a decade ago I wear night time pads as it cushions my weight and sweat from aggravating it.

My GP has always said to keep on doing what I'm doing, try not to wear knickers, wear a skirt as much as I can, but I cannot keep doing this as it's now getting me down. As soon as they clear I have not even a weeks grace when they start again. I've never been told why I get them or been referred for help with it. It's now 30+ years and I think I deserve more indepth help and advice.

It has me in tears a lot. I feel like I'm being punished for doing something wrong that I'm not aware of. I hope you get better help than I do 😍

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Weelon in reply to Evonne02

Hi Evonne02 I’m sorry to hear this but thanks for the feedback. I haven’t tried using a steroid cream. I believe I get the boils due to my immune system is weak as I have low white blood cells due to my overactive thyroid. The pills that I take weakens my white blood cells. Ive currently bought surgical spirits & I’ll start using the steroid cream. Ive only started getting them later on in life & ive had 2 removed by the doctors. Doctors did recommend me to use something that contains chlorhexidine & keep area dry. It’s hard if it’s your armpits or groin area.

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Evonne02 in reply to Weelon

Thanks for the reply. If I keep mine dry that is the worst thing I could do. I've had days when I feel unwell and forget/don't put the cream on. Boy oh boy do I regret it within days as they come back with avengence. Sometimes I can get away with just a slight smear if the cream but I just cannot risk it as the pain is so bad. I don't know what it is with me but I get them in my mouth too 🙇 Now waiting in Rheumatology referral appointment. Please let me know how you get in. Happy New Year 😍

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Weelon in reply to Evonne02

Happy new year. How are you? My boil has gone down in size, I have just continued to wipe the area with a hot flannel & then put the cream on. Personally with me I think it maybe something to do with my immune system. I’m going to send away for a advanced thyroid blood test, home kit. Did you have a mouth full? I had that before too & I believe I was quite stressed at that point. Did you receive your referral appointment?

Happy New Year Weelon. Wow, that's a really good tip, thanks. I usually do that when the boil bursts. I have some boils just emerging so will do that daily from now on. 👍Yes, I agree it could be an immune system issue. I've had arthritis since I was 16 and as far as I can remember I have always had the boils. Arthritis lowers you immune system.

Wow, that's certainly a mouth full. I hope it's not too painful and you get some answers quickly. I do think stress makes it worse and certainly more often.

Yes, I got the referral appointment but it's a 2 year waiting list. Such is life 😍

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Weelon in reply to Evonne02

2 years! I hope you get your appointment sooner than later. I’m currently been taking vitamins D3 & B12 to boost my immune system & trying to lead a healthy diet. Going by Danteswish reply have you had it tested. I’m going to check with my GP.

I found this advice online, hope it helps.

This text has advice regarding this lady’s problem

That’s a question for the GP thanks. All they said it was nothing to worry about & not to use certain anti-perspirant

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