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Nipple piercing

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Hello ladies I had my nipples pierced in May this year and they still get crusty and weepy sometimes.. any tips on anything I can put on them? I do regular sea salt cleans

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Best thing to do is get rid of them ! My daughter ended up with horrendous infection despite doing all the right things, she had to be referred to breast clinic for tests, scans and treatment, she's now left with scar tissue.

It's just not worth the risk of possible long term damage.


Do you have any other piercings?

I've had problems with ear piercings before, when it turned out I had a nickel allergy. I ended up with crusty puss covering my earlobes, and had to take the earring out, let them close up and get them pierced again. If you have other piercings with the same metal type, then this is not it.

I've also had a nose piercing that got a little infected because it's an easy piercing to knock and get dirt into. This is probably the more likely one for you, as I'm betting the piercing gets irritated by clothes?

Salt water will clean it, but I'd be tempted to try something official if there's a chance you have an infection. Maybe call the piercing place and ask if they have any tips/recommendations?

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