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Pain on my belly button

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This probably isn’t the place to ask but I’m a lady and I’m in pain.

I noticed three days ago that my belly button and surrounding areas were tender and painful when pressure is applied.

It’s a dull ache which isn’t going and feels as though it’s getting worse, I do get reoccurring UTI’s/kidney infections but this isn’t due to kidney stones as I’ve had tests for that.

I want to call the doctor because I’m concerned as I can’t lay in my front at night as it feels as though it is throbbing , but I don’t want to waste the GP’s time with my silly issue.

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The only way to be certain this isn’t serious is to be examined by a GP. It’s not wasting time if you’re in pain.

I would head to the doctors...maybe its possible you have an umbilical hernia? I wouldn't mess with it.

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